Diet Soda And Stroke Or Regular Soda And High Blood Pressure

If you’ve been thinking that diet soda is somehow healthy, or a better choice than regular soda, time to think again.  Researchers at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine recently discovered that diet soda may increase the risk for stroke, heart attack and brain hemorrhage.[1. Gandey,A. Diet soda may heighten risk for vascular events. Medscape Medical News. Feb 9, 2011]

The foundational principle of Maximized Living is pretty simple: question any time you’re going to eat, drink, or be injected with chemicals.  This should be common sense, but as it is said, there’s nothing common about common sense. The cells of your body are quite literally bathing and floating in the things that you put into your mouth; kind of like a goldfish inside of a fish bowl.  What would happen if you started pouring diet soda into the fish tank instead of clean water?  Whether the fish has had a stroke or not, is the fish now healthier or more susceptible to disease?
There are better ways to reduce calories than diet soda.  In fact, a Purdue University study showed that artificial sweeteners actually cause weight gain.  As far as beverages are concerned, pure water is best, but if a can is what you crave, try a flavored carbonated water drink, such as La Croix or Perrier.[2.]  Whole Foods even sells a Stevia flavored soda (an herb, not a chemical).  Anything but the stuff that comes in pink, blue, and yellow packets!!

Ultimately, your best plan for weight loss, is to create a healthier version of yourself with the five essentials of Maximized Living.  Believe it or not, your hormones are designed to keep you at a healthy, leaner weight.  To create a body that tends to stay lean vs. one that tends to put on fat paying particular attention to:

  • Essential #2:  Maximum Nerve Supply, to optimize gland function.
  • Essential #3:  The Core and Advanced Nutrition Plans focus on “Hormonally sound eating.”  These are diets that focus on quality fats, vegetables, and proteins rather than low fat, carbs, and refined carbs.  The latter throws off hormone function and turns you into a fat building, muscle burning machine.  You want the opposite.
  • Essential #4:  Exercise, but a special kind, focused on metabolism and hormones.

A 5 Essential lifestyle will make you lean, healthy, and reduce, not increase stroke-causing inflammation in your body.

And if diet soda won’t stroke you out, the real stuff will. It is a well-known fact that sugar consumption is causing a myriad of health problems in Americans more than any other population in the world.  While the general public, “generally” knows the dangers of sugar, few understand the seriousness of the issue.  In fact, the average American consumes 135 pounds of sugar per year!  The American diet is unnaturally loaded with refined versions of the sweetener including high amounts of high fructose syrup (HFCS) in soda. Soda accounts for more than 25% of all drinks consumed in our country totaling more than 350 billion gallons per year.  That’s enough for a can of soda for each man, woman, and child every single day!

Recent research published in the Journal of the American Society Nephrology showed that people who consume soda regularly had a greatly increased risk of high blood pressure.  The risk was 77% percent higher in those consuming fructose-sweetened drinks on a daily basis.[3. J Am Soc Nephrol 21: 2010. doi: 10.1681/ASN.2009]

It is clear consuming sugar and soda leads to a dead end road of disease, suffering, and death.  Maximized Living can help reverse your path.  Simple solutions like replacing sugar with natural sweeteners like stevia and xylitol, cooking with healthy oils, and meal planning can help keep your food, drinks, and meals healthy and tasty.

Visit your local Maximized Living doctor’s office to learn more healthy lifestyle tips including the link between your spine and high blood pressure.