Attack Migraines Without Medication

An estimated eleven million Americans suffer from migraine headaches. Severe pain, aura, upset stomach and vomiting commonly accompany the headaches for many who suffer from the condition.  Reoccurrences are frequent and common, and many patients are left to take medications during episodes only to have the symptoms return days to weeks later. While headache and migraine medications line the shelves of local pharmacies, many are turning to a more sensible approach to get to the cause of this condition.

Thousands are now discovering that chiropractic adjustments alleviate migraine headaches just as effectively as medication. In fact research published in JMPT showed a 40% reduction of symptoms for migraine sufferers who enrolled in the study after only two months of regular chiropractic.  Not only is chiropractic a safer approach to getting well, with little to no side effects, chiropractic adjustments actually save victims time and money in the long term. [1. J Manipulative Physiol Ther 1998 (Oct);   21 (8):   511–519]

Maximized Living is committed to educating the world about the dangers of the vertebral subluxation.  A subluxation occurs when bones in the spine shift out of alignment putting damaging pressure on the spinal cord and nerves.  The solution is not to pop or crack a neck. There are very specific measurements required to determine with scientific accuracy the precise angles of misalignment.  Once these angles are measured, then a specific adjustment must be blue-printed for each patient in order to correct the problem with consistency and get optimum results.

Subluxations not only cause many symptoms like migraines, but also decreases the function of the entire control system of organs in the body. Restoring proper spine and nerve system function is not just a good idea, but is in fact, essential to living a healthy life.

Along with Maximized Living’s approach to proper nutrition, exercise, detoxification, and mental training, hope is being restored to thousands of sufferers of migraines and other ailments across the world.  Who do you know that needs to hear this information?