80 is the new 40 – Part 2

The Anti-Aging Impact of Essential #3

Surge Training


When you think of hitting 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 (Well most people don’t really think of hitting 90) – you think of getting slower, shorter, flabbier, flakier, tired, wrinkly, and making the kind of noises you remember old people in your family making.

Those ugly signs of aging however are totally “old school.”  That’s so last millennium!  That’s the “Old 80.” 80 is now the new 40 – it’s science, it’s proven, and it’s being done at your local triathlon, marathon, and competitive company picnic.

Getting old is a fact.  If you live long enough, eventually you’re going to die.  Death runs in all of our families!  However, how you live and how you die are something else entirely.  While time does march on, it’s not supposed to march over you.  Turns out, the natural decline that occurs during aging isn’t so natural – and it’s not normal. (See part 1 on common vs. normal).

If you do nothing – you’ll get old by definition.  However, if you decide not to go gently into that good night and not become forty, flabby, flatulent, fun-less, and infertile without a fight you’ll definitely win.  The decline in strength, muscle, sex-drive, mental acuity, digestion, emotional health, and the increase in back pain can be slowed dramatically and for a long time to a complete halt by the right kind of movement.

Most people get more and more sedentary as they age and then blame aging for their deteriorating body. The youth run, jump, and play and as a result – get youthful bodies.  Youths that don’t – get old people bodies just like old people usually do.  The right type of exercise stops this.

If you don’t do something about it, aging can cause a gradual and progressive reduction in the secretion of testosterone and growth hormone.  These are the hormones directly related to tone, strength, lean muscle, vigor, and functional capacity and youthful appeal.

Yet, the proper type of exercise stops and slows this aging process down by increasing the output of growth hormone and testosterone.  It’s popular today to shortcut this by getting growth hormone injections.  Like all drugs or anytime you manipulate the system, there are the side-effects you have to pay. You can lose nearly 30 pounds of body fat and add almost 10 pounds of lean muscle with injections, but look out for the side effects.2

Remember, it’s illegal to take these as an athlete due to the dangers and it’s cheating.     Growth hormone and testosterone are effective and you’re supposed to make them yourself – and you will if you apply the power of short duration, high output exercise.

While studies show that ultimately, low intensity exercise does nothing for hormones – and can even produce bad hormones, short duration, high intensity can literally take years and pounds off your body.  The impact of exercise and the damaging effects of aging could be greatly reduced if you learn how to use exercise to induce a “good” hormone response.

Doing this type of exercise, you’ll also see fat that was hard to dislodge, begin to go quicker.  Studies have shown that when you crank up the intensity for a short period to the point where you can feel the burn, growth hormone is released in such a way that better regulates fatty acid through your metabolism.  Again – exercise is natural, safe, and has NO SIDE-EFFECTS.  It’s the TRUTH!

At 90- 100% output, the good hormone response kicks in quickly in less than 10 seconds.  The average person can only and most should only be at the 75-85% output requiring closer to 20-30 seconds for the same positive factor to kick in.  At the point of 10-30 seconds, you can no longer maintain an optimum output so you have to have a recovery period.  That burn you feel is good – and thankfully with this method it’s quick.

The best part of these routines is that they’re fast.  But more importantly, while they don’t take much time, they add time to your life.  While you can add the principle to virtually any workout, ours take as little at 3 minutes at a time and only 12 minutes per week.

To learn these workouts you can go to your Local Maximized Living Doctor and make sure not to miss the SURGE TRAINING WORKSHOP taking place in their office.

To make 80 the new 40 and the new “normal” for you, get moving! 

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