80 is the new 40 – Part 1

What’s “common” isn’t “normal.”  For example, it’s “common” to get divorced or be bankrupt, but it’s not “normal.” When you look at the common mental and physical health of a 40 year old, it’s not so hot.  Many at this age are no longer playing sports, running, energetic, and a substantial percentage are taking something for pain, sleeping, and depression.  Ouch – not normal.

Equally, what’s “uncommon”, is often what should be considered “normal.”  While it’s uncommon for an 80 year old to run a marathon – and set a personal record, and for a 77 year old to complete the Ironman in Kona, or for a 55 year old to have no pain, be on no medications, sleep well, and be at peace, these instances should actually be the “norm”.  Plenty of science on aging and the fact that these scenarios are out there, help to prove that this is what normal for 80 should look like.

You should think about making 80 your new 40 and consider it to be normal.

Here are some Nutrition Steps you need to take for Starters: 

My wife, Dr. Sheri and I both have a degree in Nutrition.  While the foundational understanding of biochemistry that degree gave us helps us to forevermore understand the difference between science and fad, you can’t rest on your laurels.  It’s an exciting field because it’s not been a focus for that long, so you have to work hard to keep up.  What the degree teaches you is what we’re now seeing in study after study: There is a nutritional component to nearly all disease.  Meaning that truly, nutrition isn’t the only cause of disease – as some would now have you believe.  BUT, while whether or not you ate your fruits and veggies or too much junk food isn’t the only reason for illness, it usually plays a significant role.

We cover many important aging factors in our nutrition books and workshops. These include the hormone factor, inflammation and acidity, fatty acid balance, good fats vs. bad fats, carb/protein/fat ratios and amounts, getting the nutrients you personally need, and several other important issues that have a whole lot to do with aging, quality of life, and staying disease free for as long as possible.

In your first step to make 80 the new 40, you have to address a big concern in today’s world. The toxic foods you have to stay away from and how you deal the toxins you eat or inject is the most critical area to start.

Isn’t everything on the market relatively safe? I mean the Government checks up on these things, right? 

When a governmental agency like the FDA or the vast majority in the scientific community review the safety of toxins that are allowed in foods, water, drugs, etc. they base it on whether or not there are clear, associated illnesses.  In other words, if you eat it, drink it, or inject it and it doesn’t cause you to drop dead on the spot or the next couple of days – it’s “Safe.”

I spoke to a pediatrician on an airplane years ago and got into the vaccine debate.  He was a very nice guy and wanted to assure me that they’d safely done over 1000 injections of the rotavirus vaccine and had no reactions at all.  6 weeks after our conversation the vaccine was pulled for causing a dangerous and often deadly intestinal illness in children.

That’s why today’s blockbuster drug (or sweetener) often becomes tomorrow’s class action lawsuit.

The accumulation of toxins from the foods and drugs we ingest is heavily involved with illness and with your problems.  Sure, few people will drink a Diet Coke today, grab their throat, and keel over dead.  Yet, as the poisons accumulate over the years – that will likely be a whole other story.

While a diet soft drink is a type of chemically based food, also consider the source of the ingredients.Sources are important – while McDonalds may have a “Gourmet Bistro” menu, if you study where fast-food chains get their cheap food, you’ll realize it’s far from healthy.  As it’s said, “If you buy a diamond ring for 5 bucks, you just bought a diamond ring that’s not worth 5 bucks.”

When it comes to making 80 the new 40 (40 is now like 80 should “normally” be) – being aware of the “later effects” of the poisons you’re eating is HUGE.  Make being well, “Normal.”  That’s the truth.


  1. SOURCE:   Use our lists or A-list of your most nutritious, toxin-free foods.  For our lists go to your ML doctor’s web site or get the Maximized Living Nutrition Plans book.
  2. ABSORB/DE-TOX:   Activated charcoal of the appropriate surface area has been found to absorb toxins.  If you use the right product – it will not only absorb, but eliminate them as well.

A number of tests have found activated charcoal to significantly increase lifespan.  It does this in many key ways.  A big one being blocking the chemical absorption of the junk foods and medications you’re consuming from damaging the brain.  It also helps your body to normalize cholesterol and lipid metabolism as well as helping essential organs like liver, kidneys, and adrenals to function.

There are a number of other big benefits to organs and aging, but in all – it’s just a great way to protect yourself from the scourge of toxic, modern nutrition that has been allowed into the system because it won’t kill you immediately.  Because you’re exposed or ingesting toxins daily, you need to look at a daily detoxification product featuring a carbon product.

Our patients love our Maximized Living product ML Detox System.

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