The Holidays: The Most Important Time to Keep Yourself Well

Most people call this time of year “The Holidays.”  Because it’s “The Holidays” people tend to get irresponsible and careless. People eat mass quantities, put all sorts of horrible food and drink into their bodies, exercise less (if at all), miss adjustments, spend too much money, and put self improvement things off until after “The Holidays.”  The gyms and health clubs will double or triple their marketing in January, only to see a short-term boost in compliance.

If you add together the months of November and December (since most of us start the downward spiral around Halloween, and live off Christmas cookies and egg nog starting November 15th), plus all of the other times it is easy to completely neglect your health (parties, weddings, birthdays, vacations, long weekends, etc.), many are ultimately being irresponsible for their health 3 months out of every year.

Big deal or no big deal?  Well, living this way, by the time you turn 40, you will have spent 10 years doing serious, possibly irreparable damage to your body.  “The Holidays,” are a time designated to celebrate the many joys of life and appreciate God’s blessings.  However, they have become a time dedicated to shortening life and destroying God’s amazing and awesome good works.  It is time to look at “The Holidays” from a new perspective!

Have a blast and eat like it’s your last meal for 3-4 meals (not “days”) over the Holidays (starting with the Christmas parties, right up until New Years).  Yet, remember it’s about God and others – both of whom want you to live a long and joyous life.  Continue to exercise, manage your peace, and make the other meals nutritious.

We encourage people:

If you typically exercise four days per week, exercise five days per week!
If you get adjusted twice per month, visit your chiropractor three or four times during the month of December!
If you typically “pig out” once a week, hold off and do it every two!
If you usually function on 6-8 hours of nightly sleep, give yourself 8-10 hours instead.

What you will probably find, if you set these goals for yourself, is that you may not get in all the “extras,” but at least you won’t slide from where you should be!

Don’t fall prey to the old Italian Saying, “Sono divencete veccio, Troppo presto, ma Furbo troppo tardi” (I got old too soon and smart too late).  Have a wonderful Holiday!