Fun, Not Fat for the Holidays!

by Dr. B.J. Hardick and Kimberly Roberto, Co-authors of The Maximized Living Nutrition Plans

It’s holiday time and you wanna have fun.  This doesn’t just mean decorating Christmas trees and opening up presents.  It also means enjoying the kind of foods that go with this time of year.  Like ML Co-founder Dr. Ben Lerner says, however, “I love to eat this time of year, but I don’t like to get fat any time of year.

Let us first explain to you why we make the food recommendations we do – then learn how you can download a free e-recipe book that will allow you to have fun, but not get fat for the holidays.

The Maximized Living Plans focus on the true principles of nutrition that have sustained human life for thousands of years. These principles can be seen today in cultures around the world that are free of the chronic conditions plaguing North Americans.

What Happened: The Standard North American Diet

The typical North American diet is not working, as seen by the skyrocketing statistics of heart disease, diabetes, prostate cancer, breast cancer, and obesity. (It is these five chronic diseases that North Americans are most likely to die from.) To avoid becoming a statistic it is essential to avoid the 3 Dangers that compromise one’s health:


Sugar is cheap and addictive and a primary risk factor for diabetes, heart disease and cancer. When too much sugar is consumed, as is the case in the Standard North American Diet, excess sugar not usable for energy is stored as fat. With too much sugar in the bloodstream, insulin becomes constantly elevated leading to Type II diabetes. Sugar also fuels cancerous cells, and impedes the immune system.

Damaged Fats

North American studies which have linked fat consumption with disease have primarily evaluated the impact of damaged fats on the body, and have overlooked the incredible benefits of healthy fats. Damaged fats such as trans fats (hydrogenated oils), vegetable oils, and canola oil have been denatured through heat and chemical changes, causing them to oxidize and form free radicals which are hazardous to your health. Healthy fats such as olive oil, coconut oil, nuts and seeds provide your body with nutrients to build cell membranes, absorb vitamins and lower inflammation.


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved approximately 3,000 food additives, preservatives and colorings for use in the food supply. The average person will ingest 140-150 pounds of additives and chemicals every year, creating a serious imbalance within the body. Because toxins from food and household products are fat-soluble, the body will naturally create fat to safely store the toxins and protect the body. This toxic fat will block nutrients, rob your energy, contaminate your cells, affect your moods and contribute to a host of symptoms and disease.

Solution #1: The Core Plan

This plan is for everyone. The three core nutrition principles are the foundation for the Nutrition Plans, regardless of age, gender, genetic background, or medical history. Following this plan results in healthy, thriving families.

The 3 Principles of the Core Plan

Fat – Healthy Fats vs. Damaged Fats: Eat more healthy fats and eliminate all damaged fats.

Protein – Naturally Raised vs. Unnaturally Raised Animals: Go organic and natural for all animal products.

Carbohydrates – Whole Carbohydrates vs. Refined Carbohydrates: Eat more vegetables, and eliminate refined grains & sugars.

Solution #2: The Advanced Plan

This plan can be used for short-term management of weight, disease, or detoxification, or may be used on a long-term basis for those who are genetically suited for it. The Advanced Plan has been researched and formulated to maximize your body’s full potential for health, energy, recovery, and cognitive power. It is designed to reduce inflammation, restore cell membrane function in order to aid detoxification, regulate hormones, and promote the use of fat (instead of sugar) as the body’s primary source for energy. This is why it works so well, so quickly. Some indications you may need this plan are as follows:

Cognitive dysfunctions – including ADD/ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Metabolic syndromes – including Obesity, High Cholesterol, High Triglycerides, High Blood Sugar (or Low Blood Sugar), High Insulin, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, and/or High Leptin

Modern-day Illnesses – including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Toxicity, Fibromyalgia

Immune System and Inflammatory Diseases – Cancer, Autoimmune Diseases, Digestive Dysfunction, Intolerance to Grains, Asthma, Arthritis


Three Rules on the Advanced Plan

Follow the 3 Principles of the Core Plan along with the following modifications:

Fat – Increase your intake of healthy fats.

Protein – Moderate your intake of protein.

Carbohydrates – Eliminate all grains, sugars, and most fruits.

The Advanced Plan is specifically designed to eliminate cravings (something that many diets fail to do). As a result, people see dramatic results in very little time on the Advanced Plan.

Your First Step

Maximized Living Nutrition Plans is your complete handbook and resource guide that will give you everything you need to discover the nutrition plan you can follow and enjoy for the rest of your life. It not only includes the research and science which explain why these principles work, but all of the resources and tools you need to implement these changes in your own life.