Is Your Job Making You Fat?

A recent review of changes in Americans’ job requirements since the 1960s has uncovered a link between your job and your weight. In 1960, 50 percent of jobs required moderate physical activity. Today, about 80 percent of jobs are sedentary or require only light activity.

If your job is among the 80 percent, here’s a pair of powerful tips to help you combat workplace weight gain.

Become a power snacker.

Why can’t we lose weight? One out of every three adults says too much snacking is the culprit1.

People feel guilty snacking because they think it leads to weight gain. Snacking on junk food like Twinkies and Doritos can derail a weight loss plan, but healthy snacking that can actually promote weight loss.

People who eat three healthy meals a day and practice “power snacking” increase their metabolism and subdue their cravings.

There are two main things to remember when it comes to power snacking: Eat the right amount of food, and eat the right type of food.

Your power snack should be mini-meals. Instead of snacking on one item like chips or carrot sticks, strategically combine a few quality foods. Your mini-meal should combine healthy protein, high fiber and good fat.

Power snack examples:

A small handful of berries, 6 ounces of plain Greek yogurt, 5-10 chopped walnuts and one scoop of perfect protein powder.

Trail mix — 1 cup pecans, 1 cup almonds, 1 cup dried berries, ½ cup unsweetened dark chocolate chips (the higher the cocoa the better), pinch of sea salt.

A small salad with 1-2 ounces of sliced organic turkey, 2 tablespoons of avocado, add olive oil and sea salt.

Seize at-work fitness opportunities.

Working a desk job makes it essential for you to find opportunities to get your blood flowing. Taking breaks to stretch, walk, climb the stairs, or perform a few reps of calisthenics are all good things to do. Take workplace fitness a step further by investigating wellness programs in your community that are available to your company. Many gyms offer corporate wellness accounts, and many companies are willing to invest in a program like this for their employees.

Another recent trend is for employers to re-purpose a conference room into a fitness center equipped with a group fitness area and several pieces of equipment.

Employers benefit from having fit employees. Improved workplace fitness can increase productivity and improve employee retention.

If you are an employer or need help presenting this idea to your employer visit and sign up for a local Maximized Living doctor to discuss your options with you.

1: Charles Stuart Platkin, The Automatic Diet (New York:  Hudson Street Press, 2005), 92.