Why We Are Aging So Quickly

Understanding oxidation

The number one nutrient keeping you alive is oxygen.

You’re surrounded by it, you breathe it, and you’re energized by it. As your body continually interacts with oxygen, this causes oxidation or oxidative stress.

The damaging part of oxidative stress is the production of what are called ROS, or “reactive oxygen species,” more commonly known as “free radicals.”

Your body is designed to naturally respond to oxidation through anti-oxidation (antioxidants). Free radicals can cause damage to all of the components of your cells, down to the DNA. If your antioxidants can’t keep up, you’re more prone to a list of diseases, more inflammation, and you speed up the aging process.

Toxins, emotional stress, radiation, physical stressors (like intense exercise), sugar, weight gain, insulin issues, inflammation, and glycation can increase oxidation and make it even more difficult for your antioxidant defenses to keep up. That’s why a healthy lifestyle is absolutely critical to reducing the effects of daily oxidation.

The 5 Essentials of Maximized Living were specifically created to establish a state of health within the body. And one of the key components of this is system is Essential No. 4: Maximized Oxygen and Lean Muscle, which focuses on high-intensity exercise and metabolic conditioning.