10 Perfectly Good Reasons to Get In Shape

Whether it’s to live into your nineties, to have more fun with your kids, or to just feel better, everyone needs a reason to get fit. Here are ten perfectly good reasons to get started today.

1.    You will smile more.  Serotonin, the “happiness chemical,” naturally floods your body when you work out.  Not only will you feel stress melt away during exercise, your mood and mental clarity will continue to improve long after you’ve moved on to something else.

2.    You’ll be able to reach that itchy spot in the middle of your back.
 Flexibility is a big part of fitness, and you can see it improve rather quickly. You will be amazed what you can reach within one week of adding a new stretch to your workout.

3.    You can wear whatever you want. Toning up and eating right can eradicate the bloated feeling that seems to make your clothes fit funny. Even if you don’t have to go out and buy a new wardrobe (which you probably will), you’ll spend less time tugging and pulling at your clothes once you start to shed pounds.

4.    You can shake hands with anyone. A strong immune system can’t be bought or sold, but it can be gained through conditioning. Taking in the right nutrition and practicing daily exercise can make our bodies the disease fighting machines they were built to be. Even in the middle of flu season, you’ll have no reason to fear a handshake.

5.    No matter what is getting away, you’ll catch it. Ever chased after a small child or runaway dog? If you were left panting, you’ll be happy to know that even a small amount of regular cardio can keep you in better shape than most things on the run. More endurance, improved lung capacity, and increased strength are just a few perks.

6.    You can effortlessly make friends.
  While being fit does not guarantee us social graces, studies suggest people who exercise tend to have more friends. This may be because people you meet at the gym (or jogging through the park, or in a dance class) have similar goals and therefore have something to talk about. Even if you’re not in the same place fitness-wise, everyone had to start somewhere and most people can relate to your journey.

7.    You’ll get places faster. 
The endorphins your body gets from exercise can bring you extra energy throughout the day. This means you’ll have no trouble picking up the pace, or getting where you need to be in record time.

8.    Everything will feel more comfortable. Extra weight can make everything hurt: knees, backs, shoulders, and feet are among the infamous places. Watch this pain dissolve over the weeks as you work through your fitness plan. Not only will you feel great about losing weight, your body will thank you for taking a load off.

9.    You’ll walk tall. Exercise and good nutrition lowers your chances for osteoporosis while improving your posture. If you’ve caught yourself slouching, many core exercises can help you correct this and keep you in good shape.

10.    You can feel less guilty.
 Knowing how to eat better by making good choices – not by depriving yourself – is a big part of fitness. You can enjoy lean hamburgers, smoothies, and desserts if you learn to make them right. Best of all, you can ditch the guilt associated with eating, and learn to love good, nutritious food.