Trick or Treat? Healthy And Safe Treats For Halloween

So the question is, what are you giving out this Halloween? Watch as Kimberly Roberto shares some alternatives to giving out candy.

With “Trick or Treat” night just around the corner and stores filled with colorfully wrapped fun-looking and tempting treats, how do you resist the constant invitation to partake of it all? And don’t think the kids are left out either with school parties, fall festivals, carnivals and state fairs all inviting orange-topped cupcakes, cotton candy, spider shaped cookies, ghost shaped Peeps, candy corn and more to be taken home and eaten by your little ones.

If Halloween was just a “once a year isolated” evening, this might read a bit different. The challenge is that Halloween is just the beginning of a 5 month splurge of these treats! Think about this, once your pumpkin-filled Halloween candy is gone, it’s just in time for Thanksgiving parties, get-togethers, pies and more. Continuing through the “holidays” is Christmas, again more parties, get-togethers, baking and more to carry us to New Years Eve and more parties then comes resolutions of “giving up sugar this year” but valentine’s day rolls around followed by that adorable little Easter bunny, with pastel colored candy-filled baskets.

It is interesting to note that the highest “flu” season is during these exact months. Have you ever considered the negative and devastating effects that sugar has within the body? Let’s look at the facts:

  1. Sugar causes inflammation and that affects every cell in the body by deceasing function as a whole, suppressing the immune system, increasing pain and can lead to hyperactivity.
  2. Sugar puts the body in an acidic state, which makes the body more susceptible for diseases like cold, flu, asthma, allergies, sinus problems, eczema and more to develop and/or worsen.

So as a mom or dad, grandparent or neighbor, what can you do this Halloween night? As a “distributor” and “contributor” to the sugar stress, let’s kick off the 5 months of holidays right while still celebrating the fall season but with healthier options to pick from! The top pick and one of the easiest plus cheapest idea is a mixed bag of “treasure box” items which contain miscellaneous toys to choose from.

Ideas to overcome the pressure of giving your kids all that candy:

  1. Talk with your children ahead of time, let them know the expectations.
  2. Depending on their age, you may get them involved in the decision making process.
  3. Offer a trade or swap…for their candy they turn in to you, you give them something in return.
  4. If you are attending parties or festivals, get on the organizing committee and help plan healthy snacks for the event OR just pack your own- see the Maximized Living Nutrition Plans book for many ideas for treats and snacks!

The final, yet most important, part is to teach your children why your family makes the nutrition choices you make so that they grow up with a strong foundation of good food makes for a good body and bad food, well just doesn’t.