CANCER KILLERS: Everything is Pink!

Everything is Pink! – from shoes, shirts, hats, purses and even grade school kids uniforms playing on the football field! 

Why has billions and possibly TRILLIONS of dollars been donated to cancer research and still cancer statistics are getting worse and more people are dying of cancer everyday?

We can put a man on the moon and time it perfectly. We can understand Quantum Physics. Do you really think Cancer is harder to figure out than this? Its NOT!

But conventional medicine is no closer to a “cure” than they were 40 years ago. Because they are focused on the WRONG thing!

The cancer/ the tumor isn’t the main issue, the internal environment of the BODY is! They can keep studying the cancer/ the tumor as much as they want, but if their approach does not take the entire body function into consideration, they will keep coming up with treatments that target just the cancer/tumor which is the symptom…its secondary to the sick body.

Remember, Cancer doesn’t make you sick, your sickness over time causes the cancer! If you just get rid of the cancer, even naturally, your still left with the same sick body that created it. Thats why the only Cure is getting to the Cause and getting the body back to health.

If they want a different result, they are going to have to change their ideas about cancer and analyze their present thinking on cancer because these conventional ideas about cancer are obviously wrong and KILLING more people everyday!

There is a Cure for cancer- by finding the Cause. You can’t find something if your not looking for it! Getting to the Cause is the only Cure!

By Dr. Charles Majors

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