7 Diet Myths vs. Un-Diet Truths

7 Diet Myths vs. Un-Diet Truths


Myth #1: Diet=Deprivation.

Un–Diet Truth: The Un-Diet is not about eating only bland, tasteless foods, restricting portions, or cutting calories. In fact, if you follow the Body by God Food Guide and eat foods at the right time of day, you do not have to change the foods you eat at all.


Myth #2: Eat like an elephant, look like an elephant.

Un-Diet Truth: If you are eating the foods God intended you to eat and/or eating the way He intended you to eat (following the Food Guide), you will never look like an elephant.


Myth #3: If you crave, you cave (Once you cheat or go off your diet, it’s over).

Un-Diet Truth: Taking short vacations from proper eating is part of the Un-Diet. Eating a food you crave is temporary, not for the rest of your life. It is actually part of the plan.


Myth #4: You can trick the body into thinness and better health.

Un-Diet Truth: God’s body cannot be tricked; it must be looked on in awe. Diets that restrict foods or use only one kind of food category, such as protein, may trick the body into change in the short-term. However, they never work in the long-term. Eliminating an entire food group cannot be healthy because God would not have placed those foods on the face of the earth in the first place if they were not to be eaten.

The Un-Diet uses a balance of foods including fruits, vegetables, whole grains like oats and basmati rice, as well as protein, to create real, lasting health and thinness.


Myth #5: It’s best to get a balance of protein, fats, and carbohydrates at every meal.

Un-Diet Truth: Varying amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are needed at different timed throughout the day. Additionally, the Body by God (BBG) does not digest protein and carbohydrates the same way.


Myth #6: There is a cookie-cutter diet that works for all people or all people with certain backgrounds or body types.

Un-Diet Truth: God made people like snowflakes; no two are exactly alike.


Myth #7: “Low-,” “reduced-,” “-free,” “no-” foods are “health and diet foods,” and food that is good for you is expensive.

Un-Diet Truth: Synthetic, refined, or chemically altered foods that say: “low-fat,” “reduced-cholesterol,” “lactose-free,” “no-sugar,” etc., will never grant long-term health or thinness. These foods are expensive.


Source: Body by God: The Owners Manual for Maximized Living by Dr Ben Lerner