CANCERKILLERS: Obesity linked to Deadly Form of Cancer

Carrying Unnecessary Fat Increases Cancer Risk  What once was just plain common sense has been confirmed by research: Obesity directly encourages the development of pancreatic cancer.

This tight-knit relationship comes as no surprise because of the vital role the pancreas plays in the production and regulation of the hormone insulin.

In his research summary, study leader Dr. Guido Eibl states, “Obesity increases the risk of cancers.” The study named chronic inflammation and insulin resistance—two common topics in any Maximized Living clinic—as factors of obesity that cause cancer to develop.

Researchers conducted the study on mice that were fattened using eating habits similar to those that cause excessive weight gain in modern humans. After three months, the rats had gained twice as much weight as the control group and had developed hyperglycemia (high blood sugar)—no surprise there.

To fight the blood sugar, the rats’ bodies responded by producing too much insulin and too much leptin. The exorbitant production of these vital hormones causes the body to become numb to their effects.

According to Eibl, the poor diet and resulting obesity increased inflammation, disrupted healthy hormone production, and even formed pre-cancerous pancreatic lesions. Although this may seem like common sense to you, it is critical that we do not underestimate a healthy lifestyle’s power to prevent and reverse disease.

Though this particular study observed the effects in mice, the human takeaway is apparent: Obesity disrupts metabolism and causes the one of the major culprits behind all disease—inflammation—to occur.

Your Maximized Living clinic addresses inflammation and insulin resistance through the 5 Essentials. Currently, pancreatic cancer remains the fourth-deadliest form of cancer in the U.S. It is extremely aggressive and does not just strike “unlucky people.” There are steps you can start taking today to become a cancer killer.

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