MAX KIDS: Raising Healthy Children in a High Tech World

Even optimistic scientists are beginning to realize a scary truth: society as we know it is becoming increasingly more obese, less intelligent, and lonelier by the year.

As technology develops to irrevocable heights, it seems natural to expect the children of this generation to grow up in the shade of new knowledge with brains that surpass their parents’ own. However, although our children have easy access to knowledge, their brains simply are not developing the same. Their inability to focus, apply knowledge in real life scenarios, maintain face-to-face conversations, and cultivate long-lasting relationships is beyond concerning. How sustainable is the age of the brain without children who are raised to use theirs?

The trajectory must be corrected by understanding the casualties related to our technology-driven lives

The Body

The average child today spends significantly more time sitting and reclining than they do actively moving. The entertainment side of technology is greatly to blame, sucking hours of quality daylight time away. Our bodies demand movement. They require constant conditioning to maintain healthy circulation, agility, strength, and endurance. During early, intense years of growth, a child’s spine will literally grow with the limitations that are set on it. Poor posture and fragile bones from lack of muscle movement will significantly impact a child’s future if not corrected as early as possible.

Experience and Adventure: going on walks, dancing, bike riding, exploring nature, learning a new sport, playing with dogs and other children, swimming, jumping on a trampoline

The Brain

Parents and teachers have begun relying on technology to babysit their children, often reasoning that the exposure is education-based. The media industry has seized this open door to produce more and more “kid friendly” technologies that are claiming to create baby Einsteins. Although these options are far less harmful than over-stimulating cartoons and video games with violent, disrespectful behavior, science is revealing that the effects are likely more damaging than enriching. Doctors are seeing a sharp increase in video addiction and stress-related brain chemicals directly associated with technology. Nothing can replace human parenting and personalized guidance.

The brain is a powerful thing that cannot be replicated or replaced. Its mysteries have been sought out, and its intricate pathways marveled at by the most advanced scientists. Most interestingly, research has revealed to us that thought and behavior in children and the relative size and weight of their brain is not something they’re simply born with, but something that’s created or developed after birth. There is an intriguing term called neuroplasticity, which essentially means that our brain’s neurological tissues are like formable plastic being molded, grown, and developed from birth all the way through old age. This ability produces two different scenarios: a small, light, inefficient brain or a huge, heavy, efficient one. The power of neuroplasticity even affects the elderly concerned with or suffering from Alzheimers. Without a doubt, there’s always something that can be done to improve brain function.

During a child’s development, vertebral subluxations (spinal misalignments that hinder neurophysiological function) distort connection within the autonomic nervous system, creating negative neuroplasticity changes instead of positive ones. When Maximized Living chiropractors correct these subluxations, they are literally aligning the central nervous system, which frees neurological interferences and allows smoother communication. This creates an ideal environment for a child’s brain and body to realign and readjust, making positive neuroplasticity changes easier

Experience and Adventure: playing music, reading inspiring books, playing imagination-driven games outside, making up songs and stories, clue-based treasure hunts, puzzles, strategy board games

The Spirit

Technology is not only promoting a stagnant lifestyle and unbalanced mental processes, but it is also stripping our children of face-to-face, meaningful relationships. Parents who would readily agree that children are not robots continue to raise their children as if they were. Technology devices are acting as non-human surrogates by taking time away from the more important needs that children have: real life experience, social interaction, and creativity. Many children feel ignored or invisible with a parent who is tied to their phone or computer; but they gradually adapt the same dependency, seeing what is modeled as normal. How many dinner tables are full of silent families with their necks drooped over looking at their phones instead of laughing, sharing stories about their lives, and supporting each other at the end of a long day. No TV show, interactive game, or social media outlet can replace this kind of communication. It’s real, engaging, and long-lasting and will set them up for a future where they are empowered and confident to create more healthy, meaningful relationships.

Setting a strong, positive example for the children around us is more powerful than we may ever realize. Children are always observing and experimenting with the behavior they see, whether coming from their parents, their doctors, or the celebrities they see on the screen.

Experience and Adventure: protecting technology-free family time, paying attention and responding to their words, calling out their strengths, encouraging them when they face their weaknesses, letting them fail, being a safe place for them to learn from their mistakes, listening to their ideas and dreams, empowering them to work through problems

The Hope

Genetics don’t necessarily determine outcomes. The physical, mental, and emotional environment our children are exposed to has as much or more to say about how wise, happy, and healthy they become as their DNA does.

Maximized Living’s goal is to prepare children from a young age to fully experience life and use their brains to build upon our ceilings and reach greater, more efficient heights than we ever could. Our doctors do this by modeling a healthy, active lifestyle and by adjusting young spines to allow for positive neuroplasticity changes.

Eventually, a society gets the children it deserves. Let’s work together to deserve the best.