“Out to Dinner” Tips & Ordering Ideas

Although it is harder to stay on plan when you go out to eat we have some tips and ordering ideas to help you stay on track

Tip #1
Order Water, almost all other options likely contain sugar

Tip #2
Always order, “sauce on the side.” Again, many/all will contain sugar

Tip #3
Take Stevia or Xylitol packets with you if you order tea or coffee

Tip #4
Don’t feel like you have to finish everything. Restaurants give you extremely large portions. Most meals are 2-3 times bigger than a normal serving size. Save ½ for lunch the next day or split the meal with someone else

Tip #5
Skip the bread and butter before your meal. In fact, ask them to not even bring it to the table




  • Order grilled chicken pasta and hold the pasta, double the veggies
  • Order the entrée with chicken, beef, etc, hold the starch and double the veggies
  • Salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Almost all restaurants have olive oil and vinegar if you ask for it


  • Order fajitas without tortillas. You still get the flavor without the grains
  • Ask if the restaurant has sliced jicama to dip in salsa/guacamole (as an alternative to chips)


  • Order steamed vegetables in place of fried/stir fry vegetables
  • Hold the rice, try a seaweed salad instead
  • Sushi is a great option, just hold the rice or do lettuce wraps


  • Order a burger with lettuce wrap bun or no bun. Veggies instead of fries
  • Add black beans and avocados for a more filling side salad
  • Order 2 sides of vegetables, instead of one starch and one vegetable