Getting into Summer Shape with The 5 Essentials™

How Your Body Heals

Your body needs no help to heal you; it just needs no interference. If you understand this one principle, it will change your life and your health forever.

Your body is an incredible self-healing machine. You are not defective or helpless. At your core, you lack nothing to be healthy—not a pill, a shot, or anything else. If you nick yourself shaving today, what would happen in a couple of days? It would heal. Healing is part of the package. It’s free, and there are no side effects. There is no doctor or drug on the planet that can heal that cut for you. Only your body can do it. So if your body can heal a cut on your leg or face today, why is it that you are reading this with high blood pressure, acid reflux, sleep problems, diabetes, or headaches? Why isn’t your body healing those things?

Something is interfering with that healing power.

If you find the source of the interference, you find the cause of your problem. If you remove the cause of the problem, your body can heal.

We’ve seen people heal from all sorts of health conditions by taking the steps to remove the interference. Just give your body what it needs and you will be amazed at what it can do, no matter how bad you think things have gotten.

What may really shock you is that something is also interfering with your “leaning” power: your inherent ability to get and stay lean. That’s right, you were designed to be lean like those people who eat whatever they want and still look ripped. You’ve just interfered. Interference, however, can be avoided or removed.

Removing Interference

Getting to the cause of a health problem is the key to removing the obstacles to your health.
By implementing each of the 5 Essentials™ into your lifestyle, you can be sure that you’re consistently functioning better while removing interference.