Correcting the Cause: The Why Behind Spinal Corrective Care

Caring for Your Spine and Central Nervous System

Care that realigns the spine, restores the curves, and makes sure the skull and pelvis are aligned is called corrective care. The reason for this type of care is like any other part of the Cancer-killer lifestyle: it corrects the cause, removes the interference, and maximizes function.

Spinal correction helps your two super systems fully communicate with each other to aid in maximizing immunity.

As long as problems are caught before too much damage is done, nerve supply can be restored.

Even “old” problems can be improved dramatically thanks to the incredible healing ability of your body. When many people think of chiropractic care, they think of quick relief from back pain through manipulations and modalities like electric stimulation and ultrasound.

On the contrary, corrective care is not for treating spinal pain alone. To actually restore normal spinal position and its proper relation to the skull and pelvis, there is required a series of specific adjustments along with a uniquely designed exercise program.

This is not short-term treatment. It’s really about a whole new lifestyle. Once correction is established, some type of retainer or wellness care needs to take place on an ongoing basis to continue with maximum nerve supply.

Spreading the Message

Know anyone who could benefit from chiropractic care? It sounds like an overly simple question, but the fact remains than plenty of people still do not understand the goal of chiropractic care.

If they’re interested, our Recipe Vault and Past Webinars are available online to give them a glimpse into what the Maximized Living lifestyle looks like.