How I Beat Colon Cancer


An Unexpected Diagnosis

My story probably starts somewhere in August of 2012.

I was out for lunch with my friend Robert, and he was telling me about this chiropractor that he was seeing , Dr. Matt McAlees. As I was eating my bacon-infused burger covered in mayo, ketchup, etc. (along with copious amounts of soda), he was telling me about good fats, bad fats and other things I had no interest in.

When I questioned this line of treatment, he simply shrugged his shoulders and said that he was of the opinion that he was going to pay the money at some point—either now with prevention or later via surgeries, medication, etc. I wanted to help my friend somehow, but I could see that there would be no reasoning with him, so I didn’t bother trying.

In December of 2012, I was diagnosed with colon cancer.

I wasn’t thrilled about it, but I honestly wasn’t bothered by it because I was confident that God was in control, I knew other people who had beaten cancer, and at 6’4″ and 220 pounds, I thought I was healthy enough to beat it, I could.

My surgery was scheduled for January 2013. Prior to surgery, however, I experienced a lot of pain. I was sure I wouldn’t be able to make it two more weeks until surgery. The doctor’s office was already closed, so I couldn’t even attempt to reschedule.

The only thing that I figured I could do was to try to eat better and hope that helped. I voluntarily switched to only salads and water, and my pain disappeared almost immediately.

Choosing a Treatment

I had several scans prior to the surgery, and they all seemed to indicate that the cancer had been contained, and that I would be categorized as Stage 1. Surgery went well, but the subsequent evaluation of the lymph nodes showed that there was metastasis in 10 of the 23 lymph nodes that they took out, which categorized me as Stage 3C.

A few weeks later we visited the oncologist’s office for orientation. Wanting to be a good patient and give myself the best potential outcome, I asked the oncologist a few quick questions as we were leaving. Should I make any dietary changes in order to give myself the best chance possible? Should I increase my intake of fruits and vegetables? Should I eat a lot of blueberries?

He said that I shouldn’t do that because blueberries are antioxidants and would promote cell growth. They were going to be trying to kill cells with the chemotherapy, so eating healthy would be counterproductive to the treatment.

Up until that point, I had no intention of doing anything other than chemotherapy.

Due to my experience prior to surgery where I saw firsthand the benefits of switching to a healthier diet, I felt that I needed to look into this a little more instead of simply taking what was said at face value. The first piece of crucial evidence that I found was that Dr. Otto Warburg had discovered (and been awarded the Nobel Prize) that sugar was the fuel of cancer. This should be pretty easy then: No sugar.

As I looked around for a diet that was going to work for me, I found the ketogenic diet. It soon became apparent that the ketogenic diet was not recommended for someone without experience to try to manage on their own. I called many different diet centers around the country as well as several hospitals.

The answer was always the same: “We won’t manage your diet.”

Some of my conversation with Robert must have stuck because some of the concepts seemed very similar to some of what he had been talking about. I called him up and started talking about the things that I had found regarding sugar, good fats, bad fats, etc. Just about everything that I was saying was what he was doing, or at least very similar to some component of what he was doing. He invited me to come and listen to Dr. Matt at an event that was actually going to be that Saturday where he would be covering health and nutrition.

I begrudgingly accepted.

Finding My Solution

As Dr. Matt started talking about all of these different pieces of information that I had, my skepticism began to fade. The difference, though, was that he was able to bring them all together and start putting together a big picture, instead of my knowledge just being a bunch of random puzzle pieces.

At the end of the event, they told everyone that they would forego the normal initial evaluation cost as a promotion due to the event. With that, my inner skeptic hit a snag. This wasn’t any different than the timeshare seminars that they run for a free ticket to Disney World, I told myself.

My wife, however, signed us both up. I wasn’t going to argue with her, but I was certain that this was not the path to recovery. That first night, Dr. Matt talked to the two of us and tried to explain his point of view.

To his credit, he realized that we were spinning our wheels and suggested that we read “The Cancer Killers” by Dr. Charles Majors and asked us to come back two days later for a follow up.

Needless to say, the book was an eye-opener. Our subsequent conversation was much more productive.

At home, my wife and I were on the internet constantly to see how legitimate natural cancer treatments really are. I did not want to feel like a guinea pig.

The day before our next meeting, my wife had the brilliant idea of looking specifically for survivors of colon cancer. I found a website of a Stage 3C colon cancer survivor who had been diagnosed at 26 eight years prior. He was independent of Maximized Living, yet he espoused many of the same views as Dr. McAlees.

After that next meeting, my wife and I both felt this was the path we had been looking for. We decided to pursue it all the way.

Overcoming Colon Cancer

We bought the Maximized Living Nutrition Plans book and started using its recipes. We bought a large water filter for drinking and cooking. We bought filtered shower heads for the showers. We revamped our cleaning supplies. We overhauled our pantry. I even consulted with a naturopath from Memphis, Tenn., to help rebuild my immune system.

We weren’t cutting any corners.

Since making these changes, my results speak for themselves:

  1. My neck and spine are nearly in proper alignment.
  2. Yes, my wife and kids get adjusted, too, and each has benefitted in different ways—beyond the fact that their neck and spine nearly in proper alignment.
  3. I have lost about 40 pounds.
  4. My family is no longer taking any medication, including when we get the sniffles.
  5. I have helped three different families experience the benefits of Dr. McAlees’s care, simply by explaining how it has helped my family.
  6. I have unlimited energy! Here’s how I describe it: A car with a four-cylinder engine and another car with a V8 can both go 55 miles per hour, but even while driving the same speed, you can easily tell which car you’re driving.
  7. My blood test results are moving in the correct directions: my CEA, C-reactive protein levels, and bad cholesterol levels are dropping; while my levels of good cholesterol and vitamin D levels are up.

A couple weeks after we decided not to pursue chemotherapy, I called Robert and thanked him for giving me the necessary information to make one of the best decisions in my life. That night, we went to his house for supper and to learn which stores were best for buying certain hard-to-find products and to learn a little more about the diet in general.

After we got there, I told him “I rescind my thank you that I gave you earlier today. Instead, you should be thanking me since I am validating your decision to be healthy now instead of waiting until you are acutely sick.”

Thank you, Robert. And thank you, Dr. Matt.


Danny H.