The Best School Lunch Choice for Your Kids

Over the past few years, school lunches have been identified as a viable opportunity to stall the obesity epidemic at its root. Though many school cafeterias have overhauled their menus, thousands more still consider pizza a vegetable.

This school year, we challenge you to take the reform a step further (and save yourself time and stress in the process). Quality nutrition boosts students’ energy levels and increases their ability to stay focused, and nothing delivers all-the-right-stuff quite like a nutrient-rich meal prepared at home.Give your kids the boost they need to succeed.

The guide below shows how kids and parents alike benefit from bringing a healthy, pre-planned lunch to school.

How Healthy are Your Children’s Lunch Options?



Click to see the full-size image!, which examines each lunch option in greater detail.

Did You Know?

5 Essentials School Preparation

  • Maximized Mind:
    Show ’em love! Every morning, take time to tell your children something great about them. They may cringe, but positivity pays off.
  • Maximized Nerve Supply:
    Lighten their load! Backpacks damage spines worldwide. Make sure your child’s bookbag weighs less than 10 percent of his/her bodyweight.
  • Maximized Quality Nutrition:
    Prep ahead. Plan their lunches and focus on nutrition. Vegetables support immunity and clean proteins stimulate the brain.
  • Maximized Oxygen & Lean Muscle:
    Invite ’em! Natural growth hormone peaks in the early morning, so invite your kids to your morning workout (it may motivate you, too!)
  • Minimized Toxins:
    Sleep! Some kids seem to loathe the idea of sleep, but this recuperative period is essential to boosting the immune system.

Back to School

Your Maximized Living wellness doctor can help you differentiate between nutrition facts and fad diet fiction.

At the upcoming community dinner event, your doctor will demonstrate how disease and illness can be warded off through a consistent, healthy diet.