Coaching, Accountability Essential to Losing Weight—and Keeping It Off

Almost anyone can lose weight through proper diet, exercise and planning. However, keeping the weight offcan prove to be an overwhelming challenge. Too often, New Year’s resolutions that result in significant weight loss unravel by year’s end, when the holiday season allows pesky pounds to re-pad your waistline.

Getting Fit, Staying Fit

A recent Stanford study, summarized and reported by, showed just how critical a true understanding of health is for long-term weight loss.

The study showed that a group given an educational eight-week weight-management course prior to a 20-week weight-loss program was able to maintain weight loss better than a group thrust into the 20-week program immediately.

The average amount of weight lost during the 20-week program was about 17 pounds for both groups. After a year, both groups tended to regain some weight. The group who took the eight-week educational course regained about three pounds, while weight-loss only group gained back an average of seven pounds.

This study involved 267 total subjects, a relatively small collection of people. Though further research is certainly recommended, these preliminary findings show just how important meal planning, goal setting and accountability can be to achieving a weight-loss goal.

Strategize for Success

Your health depends on a number of factors, the vast majority of which are controlled by your daily lifestyle choices. According to the Stanford study mentioned above, proper mental preparation is the cornerstone to maintaining weight loss and overcoming disease.

Though mental focus is essential, it too requires support. Consistent, active coaching–or “lifestyle mainentance intervention”–is the most effective form of encouraging the management of weight loss. Research has shown that “around a third of the weight lost [during weight loss programs] is regained in the following year” without continued coaching and support.

At Maximized Living, our wellness doctors are certified to help patients understand the principles of weight loss, teach them to set achievable goals and even help them break through limiting beliefs that block healthy progress.

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Often, Maximized Living wellness doctors are able to help people achieve and maintain a healthier, slimmer physique even after years of yo-yo dieting and failed fitness routines. To learn more about the 5 Essentials and health benefits of mental preparation, contact your nearest Maximized Living wellness doctor today.