No-Cost Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Health

Are you frequently looking for ways to be healthier, but sometimes hesitate when you see the price tag?  Exercise equipment, gym memberships, deep tissue massages, and even healthy food can sometimes be a problem for a tight budget.  It is certainly wise to invest in your health as a high priority, but there are lots of simple, overlooked, things you can do to make a big difference in your health and well-being, without spending much at all.
Here are some good examples.

•    Chew your food. Thoroughly.  Saliva contains enzymes that begin digestion, so chew each bite 20-30 times. If not digested properly, your body may not absorb all the vital nutrients your meal has to offer.  Poor chewing may also cause indigestion, gas and the build-up of undigested food particles that can promote growth of bacteria in the colon.  Sufficient chewing requires more saliva, which relaxes your stomach so food moves through without causing discomfort.

•    Laugh it off. The more often you chuckle, snicker and howl, the more likely you are to beat cancer, according to a study published a few years ago in the “USA Today.”  Quality daily laughing can improve your cancer-conquering chances by up to 70 percent, so be sure to pencil some humor into your schedule.

•    Squeeze a lemon.  Mix the juice of a single lemon into 8 oz. of water. Drink it on an empty stomach either before breakfast or before bed.  The lemon juice helps your liver flush out toxins before they are absorbed by the body.  You may adhere to a strict diet and workout regimen, but toxins are unavoidable for everyone.  Toxic chemicals burden your liver, so relieve it whenever possible.

•    Floss. Brushing and flossing are more than combatants of bad breath. According the to the Mayo Clinic, oral hygiene is linked cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s and other dangerous illnesses.  Keep fighting to remove plaque and bacteria from your mouth daily, as your smile isn’t the only aspect that will suffer.

•    Let a breeze in.  Whether you’re at home, in the car or at the office, open a window.  Studies show that pollution indoors is often much greater than outdoors.  Enjoy breathing fresh air as often as possible.

•    Cut the sugar. If you’re baking, decrease sugar usage 25 percent or more.  If the recipe calls for one cup of sugar, use ¾ cup or less instead.  You won’t taste a difference, but you’ll cut your calories and help regulate your blood sugar.  Excess sugar ignites a vicious cycle of blood-sugar highs and lows that lead to weight gain, insomnia, diabetes and other problems.

•    Take a deep breath.  Help yourself relax.  Practicing regular deep breathing for as little as five minutes per day will help reduce the negative impact stress leaves on your body.  Count to 10 while inhaling slowly. As you exhale, imagine your worries leaving your body.

•    Kick off your shoes. Leave your sneakers, loafers and flip-flops at the door.   From department stores to gas stations to restaurant restrooms, your shoes traverse miles and miles of potentially toxic ground every day.  Stop these toxins from entering your home.

•    Take a nap.  Sleep repairs and rejuvenates your body.  This process is not reserved for your nightly eight hours;   naps can serve the same purpose on a smaller scale.  Giving your body and mind a chance to rest during the day can recharge your system, allowing you to feel and perform better.

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