Your Body Can Heal Itself

Your body can heal itself naturally. Learn about this philosophy, that goes against conventional wisdom, and how you can benefit, by reading on.

Our former California governor is perhaps best known for his reinforced rubberized skin, mechanical endoskeleton, human-like features and his robotic-Prozac style emotions. As the Terminator, Arnold was the image of a man in the body of a machine. In the movie, using various techno parts and lasers, Gov. Schwarzenegger could heal (fix or replace) any damaged, broken or blown up parts. This is something most people envision as the state of health care of the future.

What you may not fully realize, is that you’re body has and always will heal itself – when all systems are a go.  “Healing” in your body is when it does the same thing the Terminator did, replace damaged cells so that it can create new parts.

Health care today is moving towards one of two directions. These directions are: “Man or Machine.”

The Machinery of Conventional Medicine 

Medical technology tends to move towards “Machine.” We search technology, chemistry and, yes, machinery for the solution to our problems. As for humans, this makes sense, as we do not know how to make a body or create life. Therefore, our knowledge on how to fix a body or preserve life is limited to non-existent. We do know, however, how to make high tech equipment. As a result, we look to apply our high-tech, mechanical solutions to the care and treatment of “Man.” Unfortunately, our understanding is based on our ignorance, which creates quite an obstacle for success along with many pitfalls.

“Man” is the Center of Maximized Living 

Natural or alternative forms of technology move in the other direction, toward “Man.” This is true, however, only if the goal of this kind of care is to restore normal function – and not “treat” like you do with medicine. “Treating with natural remedies may be less toxic and dangerous then medicine, but it is still may not allow or empower the body to do it’s own, best healing.

In this system, our ignorance is based on understanding. We understand that we cannot make a body or create a life. Therefore, we educate ourselves on how to work with life and the human body and not interfere or manipulate it. To work with the understanding that we are “Man” and not “Machine,” means we embrace the vital miracle that is life and support functions of the human body. This is what we always seek to do with Maximized Living care – maximize the performance of the human body and the ability for it to heal itself.

The “Vital” spark of life

What separates a dead guy – who may have all his parts from a live guy that may even be missing his tonsils and gall-bladder?  There’s a vital, life spark.  The quest to acknowledge this “life” is often called vitalism.

Vitalism is defined as the doctrine that life cannot be explained solely by materialism. Often, the non-material element is referred to as the “vital spark” or energy.  The laws of physics and chemistry alone cannot explain life functions and processes. Vitalism is opposed to mechanistic materialism and understands that life emerges from a complex combination of organic matter that will always be impossible for science to understand at some level.

Chiropractic — the Vital Approach to Balancing our Bodies 

A vitalistic approach to health and wellness is Chiropractic. Chiropractors distinguish and understand that vital energy or an innate God-given intelligence could be interfered with by chemical, mental or physical stresses. Chiropractic adjustments, techniques, nutrition and lifestyle issues can aid in eliminating the interfering factors to poor health. The care given and the changes that are encouraged are ones that allow the body’s own healing process to take place and respect the body’s normal processes.

When we understand the way healing happens, we will see health and wellness prevail over sickness and disease.

The movie, The Terminator, depicts a time when our full reliance on machine technology results in man’s near complete annihilation. It makes sense because, when you eliminate the human element from life, common sense is lost and morality and life no longer has any value or meaning.

We are man and not machine. If we ignore our vitalism and manipulate it with technology only, without regard for the short- and long-term effects and forget the natural alternatives that promote life, we can expect a Terminator-like outcome to our health future.