Are Hand Sanitizers Safe?

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Hand sanitizers and antibacterial soaps don’t make us healthier. Learn the downsides to their use and why you should avoid them.

As Americans we now live in fear of becoming sick.  We have become a ‘Germaphobic’ nation.  In any given day, you enter a school, grocery store, church, doctors office, daycare or even gas station – and there it is.  Antibacterial hand sanitizer dispensers there to “protect” us and prevent us from getting sick and spreading the ‘superbug’.   The question is, do hand sanitizers work and are they safe?  Are these chemicals actually putting our children and ourselves at greater risk of developing asthma, allergies, antibiotic resistant illnesses and even cancer?

These are the same questions several consumer groups and members of Congress asked.  They have found the answers to be quite shocking.  The shocking facts also drove the Natural Resources Defense Council to file a lawsuit against the FDA for allowing this product into the marketplace.  One concern with our antibacterial soaps is most contain the active ingredient called Triclosan.  It goes by the trade name Microban® when used in plastics and clothing, and as Biofresh® when used in acrylic fibers.  It can be found in hand sanitizers, hand soaps, laundry soap, toothpastes, facial tissues, toys, textiles, cutting boards and deodorants.  It is a known endocrine disrupting chemical(EDC).  This means it can disrupt delicate hormone pathways. But that’s not the only concern.

The company that manufactures Triclosan claim it is safe. However, it is registered as a pesticide with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Pesticides are chemicals designed to kill some life form. The EPA considers Triclosan a high risk for human health and the environment. The chemical is so prevalent the CDC found it in 75% of Americans tested over the age of 5.  It is also being detected in umbilical cord blood and breast milk, which increases the concern for damage to delicate developing immune systems.  Research studies have shown that this very chemical can bioaccumulate in human fat tissue over time and has been linked to thyroid disease, fertility issues and suppression of the immune system.  It is even thought to increase the risk for more life threatening diseases in the future like cancer.

The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database lists hand sanitizer as a ‘high hazard’ to your health.  The ingredients in most hand sanitizers not only include chemicals like Triclosan but include alcohol and artificial fragrance.  The use of alcohol strips the natural oils from the skin decreasing it’s natural barrier and increasing cracking which will allow bacteria to enter the body.   The ‘fragrance’ ingredient can include up to 140 different chemicals in itself linked to cancer, reproductive toxicity, allergies, and neurotoxicity.  The manufactures are protected from listing all the chemicals in their ‘fragrance’ as this is their trade secret protection.

Today, the FDA is reviewing the safety of this chemical that was created over 40 years ago for hospital use only.  There once was a time when the antibiotic resistant bacteria known as MRSA(methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) was only found in hospital settings in several immune-compromised patients.  Today there are increasing numbers of MRSA cases arising in schools, daycares, malls, and restaurants. The American Medical Association is relating this rise due to the use of antibacterial products and recommends them not to be used outside of a hospital setting.

So why are they still on the market?   MONEY!  Antibacterial soaps and products have become a 16 billion dollar a year industry and is growing every year.   Therefore, the debate continues to keep it on the market.   Do not wait for the verdict. Demand that they be pulled and refuse to use them.   Hand washing is proven to be effective in decreasing the transmission of toxins and bacteria.  However, The FDA has already stated that the use of antibacterial soaps is NO MORE effective then using regular soap and water.  So skip the toxic chemicals and use good old fashion soap and water.  Educate your schools and daycares of the same.  Donate safe products as alternatives.  To find safe options visit websites like or

Steps to insure a Titanium Immune System:
1.    Continue to educate yourself on the truth regarding safety concerns with products
2.    Keep your nervous system clear with regular and corrective chiropractic care to assist our natural ability to    function and heal – God’s Way
3.    Eat organic foods with no preservatives or artificial sugars and strengthen your   immune system with beneficial bacteria like probiotics and Vit D3.
4.    Exercise to increase oxygenation, circulation, detoxification and muscle tone.
5.    Minimize Toxins- Avoid toxic chemicals (like antibacterial soaps and TRICLOSAN) and use soap and water instead.

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