Chiropractic Helps Asthma

By Dr. Shannyn Pearce

Asthma affects millions of people, particularly children. Contact your Maximum Living doctor to learn how you can bring an end to you and your children’s suffering through chiropractic treatment.

Over 22 million people in America suffer from asthma, which includes coughing, wheezing and chest tightness.  The number of asthma sufferers has dramatically increased over the past decade with the largest increase being noted in children as young as a few months old.

Most doctors will tell you that asthma is treatable with inhalers and medication, both of which have very serious side effects.  In early 2011 the FDA reported that single-agent LABA inhalers Serevent and Foradi posed a much higher threat of adverse reaction in children than in the previously researched adult population, yet it has been prescribed to hundreds of children under 18 years of age.  61,000 children were hospitalized or intubated after the use of these drugs.  The risk of injury has been documented at 11.6/1000 people.  When questioned about the safety of these medications for children and teens Dr. Len Horovitz of Lenox Hill Hospital in New York said, “Right now, we don’t really have a good answer to this question.”

With all the ambiguity surrounding these controversial drugs it is in your best interest to find a safer, more natural way to treat and prevent asthma.  Chiropractic care has been shown to have very favorable results for patients suffering from asthma and other breathing conditions.  One such case involved a 7 year old boy who had been severely asthmatic since 5 months of age.  The patient was on Albuterol and Alavert daily for his condition.  Within 2 weeks of commencing chiropractic adjustments the child had discontinued taking all medications and using his nebulizer, as decided by his parents.  The child has not missed a single day of school since beginning treatments and no longer suffers from any breathing problems .   In a similar case a 5 year old female who suffered with respiratory illness since birth started under chiropractic care, within 2 weeks she was able to stop the use of her medications and within 2 months she was completely clear of any symptomatology.  The child was able to spend her first Christmas in 5 years at home and not in the hospital .

These stories are just samples of the thousands of children who have been helped through chiropractic care.  If anyone you know is still suffering from asthma, allergies or breathing trouble tell them there could very well be a better way.

The holidays are approaching and this is the time everyone gets sick, so be sure to stay “healthy for the holidays” and attend the next advanced talk at your Maximized Living office on Monday, December 12th.

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