Toxins, Apple Juice And Soap


by Dr. Christie Ducote
Apple juice concentrate is not only used in juice boxes for children, but is commonly used as a sweetener in many candies, cereals, and snack bars.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) limits the amount of arsenic allowed to be in drinking water to 10 parts per billion.  The EPA states that arsenic exposure has been linked bladder, lung, skin, kidney, liver, and prostate cancer, as well as stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, partial paralysis, and blindness.[1.]
Most of the apple juice concentrate used in the United States come from other countries, especially China.  These countries do not have the regulations on pesticides and other chemicals as in the United States.  The chemicals are absorbed into the fruit and then pressed out into the juice concentrate, later packaged as juice.  Out of the three dozen samples of juices tested, 10 samples came back with higher than arsenic limit for drinking water.
Apple and Eve Apple juice returned with 11 parts per billion, Mott’s with 16 parts per billion, Juicy Juice 22 parts per billion, and Gerber was the highest with 36 parts per billion.
In order to keep your child healthy, it is important to avoid box juices, especially made from concentrate.  Juice has been proven to have more sugar than soda, containing 100% sugar.  Instead, have your children consume the actual fruit so they are getting the important nutritional fiber that will make them feel full.  If your child feels they need juice, the best option is to make your own or buy organic.  Ask your local Maximized Living doctor for more healthy choices for feeding your family.
Antibacterial Soap
By Robin Stoetzel
As Americans we now live in fear of becoming sick.  We have become a ‘Germaphobic’ nation.  In any given day, you enter a school, grocery store, church, doctors office, daycare or even gas station – and there it is.  Antibacterial hand sanitizer dispensers there to protect us and prevent us from getting sick and spreading the ‘superbug’.   The question is do they work and are they safe?  Are these chemicals actually putting our children and ourselves at greater risk of developing asthma, allergies, antibiotic resistant illnesses and even cancer?
These are the same questions several consumer groups and members of Congress asked.  They have found the answers to be quite shocking.  The shocking facts also drove the Natural Resources Defense Council to file a lawsuit against the FDA for allowing this product into the market place.  The concern with our antibacterial soaps is that they contain the active ingredient called Triclosan.  It goes by the trade name Microban®, when used in plastics and clothing, and as Biofresh® when used in acrylic fibers.  Triclosan is found in soaps, kitchen cutting boards, toys and even toothpaste.
Anti-bacterial soaps has become a 16 billion dollar a year industry.   Therefor, the debate continues to keep it on the market. Today, the FDA is reviewing the safety of this chemical that was created over 40 years ago for hospital use only.  The FDA has already stated that the use of antibacterial soaps is NO MORE effective then using regular soap and water.
The companies that manufacture and use Triclosan claim it is safe. However, it is registered as a pesticide with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Pesticides are chemicals designed to kill some life form. The EPA considers Triclosan a high risk for human health and the environment. The chemical is so prevalent, the CDC found it in 75% of Americans tested over the age of 5.  It is also being detected in breast milk.  Research studies have shown that this very chemical can bioaccumulate over time and is now been linked to thyroid disease, fertility issues and suppression of the immune system.  It is even thought to increase the risk for more life threatening disease in the future like Cancer.  Don’t wait for the governments ruling!  AVOID ‘IT’ LIKE THE PLAGUE
Steps to insure a Titanium Immune System: 
  1. Keep your nervous system clear with regular and corrective chiropractic care to assist our natural ability to function and heal – God’s Way
  2. Avoid toxic chemicals (like antibacterial soaps with TRICLOSAN) and use soap and water instead.
  3. Eat organic foods with no preservatives or artificial sugars and strengthen your immune system with beneficial bacteria like probiotics in the Maximized Living’s Vitamin D3 and New Women’s Women’s Multivitamin.
  4. Exercise to increase oxygenation, circulation, detoxification and muscle tone.
  5. Take the ML Detox System