Choking Yourself To Death?

By Dr. Ben Lerner

Did you know that it’s possible for your body not to have enough oxygen? Below we’ll examine this condition, some of the symptoms, and why it’s important to get it checked out.

When you fail to acquire optimum oxygen levels in the body, you interfere with the body’s ability to meet basic oxygen demands. Instead of being a mean, lean, oxygen-efficient machine, your system begins to struggle with its ability to take in, store, carry, and absorb its most important nutrient. This means having higher levels of carbon monoxide waste in the body, fewer functional blood vessels, and a smaller, weaker heart that beats harder and faster because it is pumping less blood per beat.

As a result of less aerobic activity, the body, which needs oxygen to survive, is less oxygenated; in other words, it is literally choking to death.

Signs of Poor Oxygen Acquisition—recognize any of these symptoms?
•    Fatigue
•    Injury
•    Memory loss
•    Joint and muscle pain
•    Infection
•    Sleep disorder
•    Low blood sugar
•    Depression
•    Problems absorbing fat
•    Decreased libido
•    More difficult menstrual symptoms

Outside-in warning: as you can see, many of the common symptoms and diseases people suffer from are due to a lack of movement and insufficient oxygen. Popular diseases such as adult-onset diabetes should not occur.

The risk is that using an outside-in approach, people seek doctors to diagnose these symptoms as a “disease” and prescribe drugs. In reality, from an inside-out point of view, it’s recognized that you don’t have a disease, but dis-ease due to exercising below required levels for good health. You don’t need drugs; you need to move . . . briskly and regularly.

When you are ill, ask yourself, do I really have an illness requiring drugs and surgery, or have I caused my body to lack health? Do I need to follow the essentials of the Natural Health and Happiness System so that I can cause my body to produce health?