Strengthen Your Body To Fight Viruses

Don’t resort to flu shots to avoid getting sick. Below we’ll discuss how boosting your immune system and making sure you’re healthy going into flu season, means you’ll be much less likely to catch the latest bug that’s going around.

Are you afraid of catching the latest “bug” going around? Many people you know get nervous during flu season about “catching” the virus.  By why do some people get sick during flu season, while others do not?  Why do half of the preschoolers in a class get sick, while the others do not?  The answer lies in the strength of the person’s immune system.  In other words, how well is your body able to fight the same virus that millions of other people are getting exposed to?

Here a few steps to win the fight against viruses:

First, get your spine corrected!  Research shows that patients who have regular chiropractic care have can have as much as a 200% greater immune competence than those who did not.  After undergoing an initial care plan to reduce subluxations, it is crucial to maintain your spine by getting adjusted once every one to four weeks.  This will ensure that your immune system is functioning optimally.  Getting adjusted can be your body’s greatest defense against viruses.[1. Selano JL, Hightower BC, Pfleger B, Feeley-Collins K, Grostic JD. “The Effects of Specific Upper Cervical Adjustments on the CD4 Counts of HIV Positive Patients.” The Chiro Research Journal; 3(1); 1994.] [2. Pero R. “Medical Researcher Excited By CBSRF Project Results.” The Chiropractic Journal, August 1989; 32.]

Second, you must ensure that your Vitamin D levels are maintained.  A study in Japan proved that supplemental Vitamin D is more effective at preventing the flu than the flu shot.  The study showed that children supplementing with at least 1,200 iu of Vitamin D had 50% less chance of be infected by the flu virus.  Vitamin D has been proven to trigger the immune system to produce proteins including defensin and cathelicidin.  These proteins trigger immune cell activity and disable viruses.

You want to supplement with Vitamin D3, which is the most active form of Vitamin D.  The average person needs to supplement 5,000 iu.  Maximized Living’s Vitamin D3 with Probiotics product is an excellent source of Vitamin D.

Lastly, poor nutrition can be extremely detrimental to your immune system.  Sugar is known to attack the immune system and reduce the production of white blood cells.  Not eating candy is simply not enough.  The Maximized Living Advanced Nutrition Plan eliminates all sugars and all foods which turn to sugar within the body.

Your local Maximized Living doctor will ensure that you and your whole family is functioning and healing at 100% so you can effectively fight against whatever virus happens to be around.