Statins Worsen Heart Function

Heart disease starts with inflammation. If you can address this source of the problem, you can significantly reduce your likelihood of heart disease or a heart attack. In this article we’ll discuss how you can reduce inflammation and maybe save your life.

More people have suffered with and died from heart disease in the United States than any other disease. In 2009, more than 615,000 people died from heart disease. With such a high number of deaths from heart disease, the health care community has spent time and money trying to reduce the number of people that are affected. A major risk factor for heart disease is high cholesterol, while treatment and control of high cholesterol reduces the risk. The most popular form of treatment has become the use of statins to lower cholesterol. While these drugs are being prescribed like candy to millions of Americans, recent research has shed light on just how dangerous these drugs can be.

A new study published in Clinical Cardiology found that statin drugs are associated with decreased myocardial (heart muscle) function.[1. “Statin therapy decreases myocardial function as evaluated via strain imaging.” Clin Cardiol. 2009 Dec ;32(12):684-9.] Statin use is also known to be associated with myopathy, muscle weakness and rhabdomyolysis, a breakdown of muscle fibers resulting in the release of muscle fiber contents into the bloodstream. With such a growing body of evidence on the risk of statins, you must think long and hard before deciding to take these dangerous medications.

If you do have high cholesterol, it is critical to understand how important cholesterol is to our body and what it is used for. Cholesterol is necessary to create vital hormones in the body, repair cell membranes, make Vitamin D, make bile acids to digest fats, allow healthy neurological function, as well as repair damaged cells. In fact, it is not cholesterol that is the problem; it is the OXIDATION of cholesterol. When arteries are damaged, cholesterol is sent to help repair the area, but if there is chronic inflammation in the body, many times due to sugars or damaged fats, then that cholesterol may be oxidized causing it to cling to the walls of the arteries.

When cholesterol levels become too high in the body, this is commonly a sign that there is chronic inflammation in the body.  The cause of the problem must be addressed instead of focusing on the symptom that is produced in the body. With this startling discovery about cholesterol and the dangers of statins, it is easy to see that restoring your health and finding the cause is more important than ever before.

As Maximized Living doctors we look for the cause of health problems.

Inflammation can be addressed through:

  1. Diet and limiting or eliminating grains, sugars, and bad fats.
  2. Exercise by understanding stress caused by low intensity, long duration types of exercise.
  3. Knowing the most dangerous toxins and how to safely eliminate them from your body.
  4. Reducing nerve irritation.
  5. Managing stress

Many researchers will tell you that Inflammation may be the most common cause of disease.  It’s a side-effect of modern living.  Your ML doctor is trained to correct the causes of inflammation.  By addressing one or all of these causes, you are fighting for your health so you don’t end up fighting for disease.  That’s the real definition of prevention.