The Inconvenient Truth About Sitting Syndrome

Sciatic pain isn’t just a problem for your legs. It can affect your organs and your overall health. Learn more about sciatica and how you need to treat it today.

The term sciatica describes the symptoms of leg pain and possibly tingling, numbness or weakness that originates in the low back and travels through the buttock and down the large sciatic nerve in the back of the leg.[1.] When the sciatic nerve is compressed or pinched it causes these symptoms and if left uncorrected can be debilitating.

If you have had this type of pain or feeling you know how damaging it can be. In today’s medical industry we try to treat the symptoms of this compression or we try to treat the sciatica. This method will leave us with only temporary relief, if we never fix the cause of the compression and keep doing the same things we have been doing.

While relatively rare, two sciatica-related symptoms that warrant prompt attention include: progressive weakness in the leg, and either bladder or bowel incontinence or dysfunction. This would be an example of someone who let the problem go uncorrected for too long. For example, if you are having sciatic type symptoms the time to act is yesterday, not when it becomes too painful to walk or sit.

The danger here is that we do not realize that the pain is actually the least of our worries. The fact that severe pressure on the sciatic nerves cause bowel and bladder incontinence tells us that this problem goes well beyond the issue of pain. The part of your spine and nervous system that controls your legs also controls these important organs.

Subluxations, or when spinal bones shift out of alignment, put direct pressure on the nerves, if left uncorrected can not only cause pain, tingling and numbness but as you can see in the case of sciatic, organic failure as well.

Low back pain is the most common pain people suffer from today. Likely, it’s from prolonged periods of sitting in front of the computer, in front of the steering wheel, and in front of the TV. Add to that, weight gain and decreasing muscle strength and fitness and you get degenerating discs, spinal decay, and damaged nerves.

Many people fail to act until they get severe symptoms because they feel like low back pain is “normal” or that it cannot be corrected. If you have common “Sitting syndrome,” the time to act is now, before you have the symptoms. If there’s pain or in fact, sciatica – the time to act was yesterday or in fact years ago. The nerves being affected don’t just hurt, they hurt the function of organs that, due to how common this issue is today, are common organs of disease.

At Maximized Living, we know you need to follow all of the essentials; however, as important as nutrition or fitness is, start with your spine. Especially if you are a sitter or are in fact in pain.

When addressing sciatica or any back or neck pain, do not settle for symptom relief. Drugs or event natural therapies may alleviate symptoms but do not actually correct the problem. If there are real biomechanical issues in your spine and nerve compression, then the issues must be corrected completely. Correction includes a complete series of very specific spinal corrective adjustments, exercises done to restore balance, stretches, and movements designed to all the discs to rehydrate. You have one back, one colon, and one bladder. Don’t settle for pain relief when you’ve got a real problem.