Essential 1 – Mind Over Disease

Your mental outlook is your #1 tool for good health. Below, learn how you can feed your brain for optimal overall health.

While some conditions may be in your head, most are in your lifestyle. How you think about your ability to sustain a constructive, rather than a destructive lifestyle is the key to overcoming disease. That is why we make Maximized Mind the number one essential.

Has anyone ever told you that you are not smart enough, not skinny enough or you do not have enough money? Sure everyone at some point in their life has been told they are not “fill in the blank” enough to do something. The key to maximizing your mind power is to recognize all of these sayings or thoughts and to not look at them in a negative light. Limiting beliefs can destroy your mind, your day and even your life if not dealt with correctly. Limiting beliefs serve as our way of filtering our reality. The way they become damaging is if you do not recognize them and do not let them become a part of you.

For example, most people that come from a family full of heart disease and cancer believe that they will get heart disease and cancer as well. The limiting belief here is no matter what I do I am destined for chemotherapy, radiation and cholesterol drugs for the rest of my life. Research shows that for these people, they’re likely to do nothing to help themselves because they feel doomed. The truth is, they are not doomed and there is a whole lot they can do.  For example, many women believe they are stuck with breast cancer because it is in their family and men feel doomed to get prostate cancer.

Now both are common diseases but they are not normal. Prostate cancer is one of the leading causes of death to men in our country ranking second only to lung cancer. One out of every six men will have the disease over the course of a lifetime. According to the American Cancer Society, nearly 200,000 new cases are reported every year.  Fortunately, simple steps can prevent prostate cancer and the answer is not in earlier detection, hormone therapy, surgical procedures or breakthrough medications.

Recent research published in Molecular Nutrition and Food Research suggests mounting evidence of consuming a diet loaded with healthy fats prevents your risk of prostate cancer.[1. Ann Neurol. 2006 Jun;59(6):912-21.] [2. JAMA. 2004 Sep 22;292(12):1433-9.]   Foods like roasted vegetables, olive oil, eggplant, nuts, spinach, and a host of other healthy options are your best approach to maintaining prostate health.  But you’ve got to believe living this way will help.For women, studies show you can reduce your risks of breast cancer sixty percent by avoiding being overweight.

As you go to apply the right lifestyle and belief, there are other mental hurdles. For example you might have convinced yourself to believe that exercise is too hard and painful. The reality is, however, we have a great fitness program at Maximized Living that is the opposite of hard and painful. It is enjoyable, can be completed in 12 minutes, and not difficult if you do the beginner version.

Recognizing a limiting belief is the first step. The next step is to write it down. Then you change this belief to the notion that exercise is quick, easy and will give me energy and lead me to a healthier life. Once you start practicing the new belief and repeating it, it becomes a part of your neurology and a part of your everyday. These are just a few examples but being able to recognize these belief limiters is the key to eliminating them since most are hidden and are formed in earlier years.

If you just follow the Essentials, get adjusted regularly, eat a healthy diet, exercise, and detox then you are on your way to a long life free of disease. You just have to believe it!Changing our beliefs is not always the easiest thing in the world to do. This is why in order to have a maximized mind you need to wake up every day with affirmations and new beliefs so it becomes you. You need to write down negative beliefs and cross them off and turn them into your new positive beliefs. This does not happen overnight so constantly waking up and forming a routine is a crucial piece of the puzzle.

Don Miguel Ruiz an author on limiting beliefs says, “You see everything is about belief; whatever we believe rules our existence, rules our life.” Please stop worrying about the next best thing or if you can accomplish something and just believe in today and in yourself and that you can. Remember, no matter what, whether you believe that you can or you believe that you cannot, you are right.

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