How Old Are Your Cells?

Your body is made up of trillions of cells, and keeping them healthy is the key to a long life. Below we’ll teach you a few tricks to making your cells young again.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I am way too young to feel this old?”  If you answered yes, you are like millions of North Americans who are aging faster than necessary. How do you judge how old you truly are? From what your birth certificate says, from what your Nintendo Wii says, or how many birthdays you’ve celebrated?  In order to know how old you truly are you must evaluate yourself not only on the outside, but on the inside too! Our bodies are made up of over 100 trillion cells, each of which are designed to do a certain job for a predetermined amount of time, die, and be replaced by new healthy cells.  However, if this process is not ongoing in a timely manner a person will start to develop signs of early aging, disease and even death.

Cellular Biology 101

We need to delve into how this works at a cellular level in order to ensure our bodies are healing and aging properly.  Every cell has a nucleus, the control center of the operation, within that nucleus is our genetic information in the form of chromosomes. The chromosomes are topped off with short caps called telomeres, like a hat on your head to keep the heat in.  Each time a cell divides the telomere shortens slightly and this continues throughout your life until there is nothing left and the cell dies.  The shortening of these cells is a necessary component of life, but by making lifestyle changes it is possible to slow the process of telomere shortening which can enhance vitality and slow the aging process.

In order to slow down telomere shortening and enhance your health you must implement all 5 of the essentials for healthy living: peace of mind, proper nerve supply, quality nutrition, efficient exercise and minimize/avoid toxins.  Implementing just one or two changes will improve your overall quality of life, but it is not sufficient to slow aging and promote youthfulness. Here are 5 basic changes you can make in order to start living a maximized life:

Peace of Mind:

Begin with time management and positive affirmations.  Every Sunday map out your week as efficiently as possible so you are prepared to execute all of your obligations in the most time effective and stress free manner.  Also, start each day saying an empowering statement to yourself in the mirror and see how it affects your mood!

Proper Nerve Supply:

Keep a regular schedule for your adjustments to keep your body healing at 100%.  If you’re not getting adjusted now, schedule an appointment at your local Maximized Living doctor’s office today.

Quality Nutrition:

Follow the advanced or core plan outlined in the Maximized Living Nutrition Plans book.  Having the book as a resource makes it much easier to stay on track.  If you don’t already have it, buy it today at your local Maximized Living chiropractic office or at

Efficient Exercise:

You do not have to slave for hours in a gym, simply 12 minutes of exercise will get you all the benefits you need both inside and out! Stay plugged in to the Max T3 workshops, DVD’s  and group exercise classes for motivation.

Minimize Toxins:

Replace the toxins in your home with green and organic products, avoid medications when possible, and use the ML Detox System product on a regular basis.

These are some simple steps to get you headed down the right path to health, but your local Maximized Living office is a great resource for additional information on all 5 Essentials of a Maximized Life!