Optimum Lean Muscle

Losing weight isn’t all about cardio exercise. Below we’ll discuss how anaerobic exercise and resistance training will get you the results you really want.

One of the many preposterous aspects of the weight-loss phenomenon is the idea of dieting without exercise. You’ve seen the ads. Lounging around the house eating Big Macs, yet losing inches, sounds wonderful, but the reality is that losing weight without increasing muscle means only that you’ll fit in a smaller coffin. There are a whole lot of skinny people in the cancer and heart disease wards. You do not have a weight problem just because you weigh too much; you have a weight problem because you have too much body fat.

It is not only how much you weigh that causes you to develop disease; it is how much body fat you have compared to how much muscle you have. One of the many aims of exercise is to increase the amount of real muscle and decrease the amount of loosely packed muscle, or what we call fat. High body-fat-to-muscle ratios negatively affect organ function, hormone balances, immune control, brain activity, and blood chemistry, and that makes you more sensitive to potentially hazardous food elements such as sugar and cholesterol. 

Aerobic exercise has an impact on building lean muscle, but to really help your cause you need anaerobics or “exercise without air.” For muscles to become stronger, leaner, and better developed, you have to apply resistance to them. While many people put resistance only against their gluteus muscles (the ones they sit on), to create actual muscles you must adapt some sort of force. Remember, your muscles were developed for digging, climbing trees, and wrestling a lion from his prey, not simply cracking open a beer. If you do not regularly put your muscles under some strain, you again work against the intentions of nature and interfere with what it takes to have vital health and real wellness. With time and pressure, lean-muscle-mass-to-body-fat ratios go up, in addition to creating a stronger, shapelier body—which isn’t bad either.

The most effective way to create pressure against the muscles and get predictable results is through a properly applied weight-lifting program using machines, weights, bands, or any other form of resistance  equipment.