Eliminate Migraines

Do you suffer from regular migraine headaches? In this article we explain what some of the triggers for migraines are, as well as offer some solutions through Maximized Living plans.

More than 300 million people worldwide (about 6 to 7 percent of men and 15 to 18 percent of women) suffer from severe migraine headaches, yet to this day, it is one of the least understood and poorly treated medical disorders.[1. www.mercola.com] For the more than the 300 million people who suffer migraines, the excruciating, pulsating pain that characterizes these debilitating headaches needs no description. For those who do not, the closest similar experience might be severe altitude sickness: nausea, acute sensitivity to light, and sea ring, bed-confining headache. There may also be vomiting, fever, chills, sweating, and/or sensitivity to light, sound, and smells.[2. Scientific American July 2008]

Different than a “normal” headache, a migraine has distinct characteristics that help define the actual episodes that occur during one of these painful headaches. The disorder used to be considered vascular, but recent research has revealed it to be neurological in origin, related to a wave of nerve cell activity that sweeps across the brain.[3. Scientific American July 2008]

This nerve cell activity has been shown to increase due to things called “triggers”. These “triggers” have not been actually shown to cause migraines, but instead elicit areas of the brain that promote pain making the hallmark symptom of these headaches none other than debilitating pain. Some of these include: certain foods (red wine, aged cheese, processed foods, aspartame, chocolate, MSG, but are different for everyone), physical exertion, stress, caffeine withdrawal, medications, skipping meals, change in sleep patterns, and hormonal changes (menstruation/ovulation).[4. www.maxalt.com]

This laundry list of “triggers” brings up a question though: What American doesn’t undergo one of these on a weekly basis? I’ll tell you without a shadow of a doubt; it’s the people who follow the five essentials of Maximized Living.

  • Essential #1: Maximized Mind-eliminating stress and making peaceful lasting relationships is a key to eliminating a key “trigger” to the onset of migraines.
  • Essential #2: Maximized Nerve Supply-making sure that your spinal column is in proper alignment keeping pressure of the spinal cord and nerves allows the body to function properly and deal with the onslaught of internal and external stressors
  • Essential #3: Maximize Quality Nutrition-eating whole quality nutrients that your body knows how to process
  • Essential #4: Maximized Oxygen & Lean Muscle-utilizing the most cutting edge information about exercise today to not only lose weight but balance hormones while not over-stressing the body
  • Essential #5: Minimizing Toxins-minimizing over the counter and prescription medications and over 3,000 chemical colorings, additives, and preservatives in our food supply to limit the amount of exposure we have to poisonous substances

How can you not be healthy if you follow the 5 Essentials? There’s no possible way! Whether it’s migraines or cancer, your body will heal if you give it what it craves. And it craves the 5 Essentials!