Power Episode #37: Health and Wellness or Sickness and Crisis?

There has been a huge change in health and wellness over the past two decades. Twenty years ago people were not as educated on the subject, so they went to their health care provider based on need. Today, Maximized Living is communicating health through the 5 Essentials, helping people to apply the key principles of wellness to their lives on a daily basis. We have empowered our patients to have a better understanding of what it means to be healthy and to not wait for sickness or crisis to halt them in their tracks.

We have found that the community wants answers about nutrition, fitness, finding the right balance in life and how to take care of themselves and their families for a lifetime, rather than waiting for illness to find them. Community dinners are a great way to learn more about health and wellness and to have your questions answered. This is your chance to choose health and wellness or sickness and crisis for you and your family.

April 11th is our next nationwide community dinner. Get connected with your Maximized Living Doctor to get details for this event!