Shrinking As You Age May Mean Other Health Problems

If you lose height as you age, that can signal bigger health issues. Read on to learn what you need to resolve these issues before they become permanent health crises.

Men who grow significantly shorter as they age are at increased risk for heart disease and death, a new British study says. The findings were published Dec. 11, 2006 in the Journal Archives of Internal Medicine.

The twenty-year study of 4,213 men who were 60 to 79 years old when the study ended found that those who had lost three centimeters or more of height were about sixty-four percent more likely to die and also more likely to suffer coronary heart diseases than men who lost less than 1 centimeter of height.

Cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease and other non-cancer diseases accounted for most of the additional deaths in the men who lost three centimeters or more of height.

“A subluxated spine with abnormal curves and angles will degenerate and cause discs and joints to dry up and deteriorate. This will lead to major height loss and cause problems with breathing and digestion.”   — Robert Preidt American Medical Association, news release, Dec. 11, 2006

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