Even If You’ve Never Wet The Bed, This Article Is For You

Bedwetting is a normal but frustrating situation for some children. Read on to learn what causes bedwetting and what you can do to help resolve this issue for your child.

Bedwetting (enuresis) is a normal occurrence for children to go through during the first few years of life, but for some kids their ability to control their bladder takes more time. For some, they gain control, but then something happens where they start wetting the bed again.  What causes this lack of control or loss of function? We hear this question all the time in our offices, and for the layperson who is not educated on chiropractic and how the body works they may never correlate that a misalignment of the spine can either inhibit or facilitate the function of the organs by blocking the communication from the brain to the body.
Emptying of the bladder is controlled by the detrusor and trigone muscles whose function is regulated by sacral parasympathetic spinal nerves S2 through S4.  Appropriate bladder function is also controlled by the urogenital diaphragm which receives its nerve supply from the L2 spinal nerves.  Subluxation or misalignment of the spine in one of these areas causes pressure on the nerves regulating and controlling the function of the bladder, so it would make sense that those organs or muscles would not be working properly because the message from the brain is being distorted.  It is similar to talking to someone normally they will understand and hear you clearly, but if you were to cover your mouth so your words would be muffled and distorted they understand bits and pieces, but a lot of the message would be lost. 
The traditional medical approach to bedwetting is to simply wait it out and hope they regain control, but this however can be very hard on the child’s self-esteem and can be very embarrassing especially if they want to stay over at a friend’s house.  

So what can chiropractic do about bedwetting?  Chiropractic helps to correct subluxations of the spine restoring proper nerve supply to the body so it can function normally.  There have been several studies published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics showing chiropractic is an effective, natural method to help with bedwetting. One study showed that of 171 children fifty percent had a reduction in the number of wet nights with chiropractic care and by the end of the study, fifteen percent were considered “dry”.  Another study showed there was improvement in twenty percent of kids, while the control group not receiving chiropractic care showed no improvement.  

Maybe you’re an adult and don’t wet the bed or you have children that have outgrown this problem by now.  Yet, if issues exist in your lower spine, the point is clear: There are important organ functions being negatively impacted.  Adult disease is a side-effect of lifelong malfunction.  If your family has not been evaluated for subluxation, the best time to be evaluated was years ago.  The second best time is right now.