Your Body’s System That’s Most Likely To Fail

Heart health is directly tied to the health of the spinal column and nervous system. Learn how Maximum Living treatments and products can enhance overall health and well-being and improve the health of your heart.

Heart and circulatory disease is the #1 killer.  

How much do you know about this system and what keeps it running? The heart works through sixty thousand miles (97,000 kilometers) of blood vessels in a child’s body and close to one hundred thousand miles (161,000 kilometers) in an adult’s. An average heart pumps 2.4 ounces or seventy milliliters per heartbeat. Therefore, at an average heartbeat of sevety-two beats per minute, a typical heart pumps 1.3 gallons or five liters per minute, one thousand nine hundred gallons (7,200 liters) per day, nearly seven hundred thousand gallons (2,628,000 liters) per year, and forty-eight million gallons The average heart beats over one hundred thousand times a day which is almost thirty-eight million times in a year.   So, by the time you are seventy years old, this little ten ounce muscle has beat 2.5 billion times! Could you ever construct something this infinitely amazing? Could you maintain it and keep it running?  Imagine if you had to remember to tell your heart to beat thirty-eight million times this year. What would you do when you’re sleeping? You’d have to set an alarm!

There are many factors to having a healthy heart.  Yet clearly, there is one factor that outweighs the rest:  Essential #2, Maximum Nerve Supply. Remove your heart, kidneys, liver, circulatory system, or any organ from the nervous system and they’re dead.  It’s like unplugging a lamp. They’ve got to stay plugged in so power can get to them and allow them to express life. All of the essentials are important but, while the body can go days without water, weeks without food, and minutes without oxygen, it cannot last even a second without the power provided through nerve supply.

Improve your heart health with spinal adjustments

To experience Maximum Nerve Supply you’ve got to look at your spine.  If the spine maintains its integrity then the nerves surrounding it maintain integrity and therefore supplying internal integrity.  All is “whole” and well.  Anytime, your spine is shifted out of place that integrity is breached and by sheer fact of anatomy, the organs and cells immediately begin to suffer due to diminishing nerve supply.

A spine out of its proper alignment is going to put pressure on nerve roots and disrupt life from getting to organs, muscles, and tissues.  These misalignments also called, “subluxations” interfere with messages coming to the brain and the demands going out.  The end result is malfunction. When malfunctioning, rather than the cells  being in a state of balance or ease, you end up in a state of dis-ease. As disease continues, symptoms and eventually disease will result. In fact, sometimes the first symptom is the disease itself or even death.

The spine is created as a shield of bony armor to protect the nervous system.  Unfortunately, in today’s unnatural world there is a whole lot of physical, chemical, and emotional trauma that God did not intend for you to endure.  These traumas can move the spine out of place so that rather than shielding the nervous system, the spine is actually damaging it.

How Subluxation Is Caused

The physical trauma starts literally from birth as deliveries are rarely the natural God-way anymore.  The women is numbed so that the baby must be pulled or sucked out by its fragile head and neck. As the child learns to walk, he or she falls enough times in a day to hospitalize an adult.  As life goes on there are sports injuries, auto accidents, wrong sleeping habits, and the effects of poor posture continually messing with proper spine alignment.

Chung Ha Su, Ph.D. of Colorado had this to say about subluxation: “Misalignments of the spine are typically caused at birth or shortly thereafter. These spinal misalignments compress nerves and can reduce nerve impulses by as much as 60% to the organs of the body.” Severe physiological trauma displaces the spine as well.  Therefore, a diet full of toxins, medications, and continual exposure to poisons in the environment cause subluxations.  Perhaps the worst trauma today is emotional.  Stress and tension on a regular basis are sure to misalign.

Because the spinal bones surround the spinal cord and nerves, when the spine moves out of line it causes harm.  The spinal vertebrae and surrounding tissues end up stretching, damaging, and compressing cord and nerves as well as lessening vital blood and nutrient supplies. Subluxation is common.

Abraham Towbin, M.D., Ph.D, a Pathologist from Harvard University discovered also that trauma, literally from the beginning of life, is likely to cause spinal misalignment and interrupt God-given health potential.  Dr. Towbin stated, “Research indicates that the major cause of spinal subluxation in infants is childbirth. I stress the need for correction from birth so that irreversible subluxation degeneration changes do not occur. Nervous system injury through cervical spine trauma at birth causes abnormal function, abnormal behavior, and early death (SIDS).”

Seth Sharpless, Ph.D. and Marvin Luttges, Ph.D., demonstrated that minuscule amounts of pressure on a nerve root (10mm Hg, equal to a feather falling on your hand), resulted in up to a 50 percent decrease in electrical transmission down the course of the nerve supplied by that root.

The same nerve fragility was found at the University of Colorado as Dr. Chung Ha Suh demonstrated that, at the spinal nerve root level, a sustained pressure increase of only 10 mm H2O, the weight of a dime, was adequate to produce interference in normal nerve transmission.

Spinal Health for Whole Body Health

At any age, spinal health is an essential. It is Essential #2.  While most people look at a healthy heart and circulatory system being primarily due to diet, exercise, or good genetics, the fact remains that this and all systems are controlled by your spine and nervous system.

Maximized Living doctors are trained on determining whether or not your spine matches the ideal model for wellbeing.  If they find a problem, they’re also trained to not only treat it, but to correct it to the point of it’s maximum function.  You just don’t know whether or not you are well until your spine and nervous system have been examined by a trained Chiropractor.