Adult Drugs Dangerously Prescribed For Children

By Dr. Aaron Sparks

More and more American children are being prescribed serious medications that can have long-term health consequences. Read on to learn what the problem medications are and what alternatives are out there for your children.

Prescription medicines and over the counter drugs are being recalled seemingly every month.  Fraudulent research continues to be uncovered about many of the most widely prescribed pharmaceuticals on the market.  Adverse reactions to medication hospitalize thousands daily.  If these recurrent mishaps don’t have you scared, this will.  Many of our children are now being prescribed medication that was only studied for adult use.

According to a recent report published by the Wall Street Journal, one out of every four American children are now taking a chronic prescription medication.  The most commonly used drugs by children are asthma and ADHD medications followed by antidepressants and anti-psychotics.  Other drugs near the top of the list included drugs for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and insomnia.[1. Wall Street Journal. So Young So Many Pills. 28 Dec. 2010.]  Many of the conditions listed require minimal objective testing before dangerous drugs are prescribed. While doctors and parents both ask for better testing and examinations, they warn that prescribing these drugs for children can be problematic.  While the effects of some medications, like cholesterol-lowering statins, have been extensively researched in adults, the consequences of using such drugs for the bulk of a patient’s lifespan are unknown at this time.[2. Medco Health Solutions, Inc.]

“Most medications that could be prescribed to children on a chronic basis haven’t been tested specifically in kids”, says Duke University pediatrics professor, Danny Benjamin.  Add in the fact that drugs that have been on the market for an extended period of time rarely are examined, since there is little incentive for the pharmaceutical companies that make the biggest profit from sales of the drugs.  Long term studies of pharmaceutical drugs are hard to find even for those prescribed towards adults, let alone those for children.

“We know we’re making errors in dosing and safety.”
-Dr. Danny Benjamin (Duke University Researcher for the National Institutes of Health)

There is clearly a better alternative than giving children medications that at best, cover up symptoms, and often have life threatening side effects.  The Maximized Living approach is always to improve body function through the 5 Essentials of Maximized Living.  Certainly, step one should always be to reestablish and/or maximize health.

A virtual pallet of studies connect nutrition, Chiropractic and even toxicity to the conditions described above for which children are being dangerously medicated.  Parenting 101 should be how to raise healthy children.  In our book, Generation XL:  Raising Healthy, Intelligent Kids in a High-Tech Junk Food World, you’ll find that  today’s child is failing to thrive.  A change in lifestyle, not medication is the proven answer.