Study Proves That Poor Health Equals Poor Profits!

Did you know that your working environment can harm your health? Below we discuss how you can reverse the negative effects of “work fatigue.”

One of the most common problems that our doctors see in our Maximized Living offices is work fatigue.  Nearly 40% of American workers experience fatigue and it’s a problem that carries billions of dollars in costs from lost productivity, according to a study in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.  For U.S. employers, work fatigue carries overall estimated costs of more than 136 billion a year![1. Ricci, J. et al.  Fatigue in the U.S. Workforce: Prevalence and Implications for Lost Productive Work Time. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Jan. 2007; 49: 1-10.]

In a culture where our jobs provide money, shelter, clothes, food, benefits, and even a certain status level, they can also be deadly if we allow them to be.  Without doing the right things for your body, a long work week will make you physically tired and  wreak havoc on your body and health.

A study looking at 13 years worth of data showed that workers who work overtime frequently were 61 percent more likely to become hurt or ill and working more than 12 hours a day raised this risk by more than one-third.[2. “Long working hours ‘health risk;’” BBC News August 17, 2005.]  The jobs researched throughout this study were not physically demanding, but became dangerous and affected the immune system after fatigue set in.

The important thing to recognize here is that these weren’t even physically tough jobs to perform.  Yet, if you’re not counteracting your daily life and work stress with solid lifestyle principles, it costs you your health and money.

In another large study, researchers followed over 800 workers for 25 years and they found that those workers with high job strain or an effort-reward imbalance had DOUBLE the chance of death from cardiovascular disease than those with no such imbalance.  The researchers also speculated that chronic job stress may also boost a person’s chances of heart disease, as well as the chance of ill effects on the hormonal and nervous system function, which are key elements of the cardiovascular system.[3. Kivimaki, M. et al.  Work stress and risk of cardiovascular mortality: prospective cohort study of industrial employees. British Medical Journal October 2002; 325: 857-860.]

When we apply the 5 Essentials of healthy living to somebody’s life, generally that person is thinking of losing weight, feeling better, looking better, or overcoming disease.  People forget the dramatic impact bad lifestyle makes in their wallet and big companies forget the millions it can cost them when employees remain ignorant and/or are not applying the 5 Essentials to their lives.

We know for example, that Essential #5 – Minimized Toxins, plays a huge role in your ability to manage stress.  If you’re body is dealing with neurotoxins induced by heavy metals or certain additives in your food, then you will put a huge load on your body chemistry leading to serious stress-effects.  It’s the same with Essential #3 – Maximized Quality Nutrients – your high carb, high caffeine, high sugar diets that have inadequate good fats, fiber, and protein will just kill productivity and put you in an immune suppressive state – meaning a bunch of lost work days due to illness.

Add to that Essential #2 – Maximized Nerve Supply.  Our ancestors spent most of the day upright, active and outside.   Today we are inside, hunched over, and most likely stuck in a job/position we don’t like very much.  Because most of this stress falls upon our spine, or the structure of the body, there has been a degenerative effect over the years.  The most common thing our Maximized Living doctors see is forward head posture.  Your ears should line up directly over shoulder.  Every bit that the head goes forward increases heart disease and pulmonary problems by 40%.  Because this creates added stress to the nervous system (minimizes nerve supply), the cardiovascular system, and the respiratory system.

This robs the body of energy, life and health – and robs the employer and employee of thousands , millions, or even billions.

Maximized Living doctors are certified in the Essentials necessary to correct lifestyle issues that lead to work-force issues.

Your local Maximized Living doctor is available to speak at your workplace. Your doctor can benefit your workplace by giving free tips on how to increase energy, prevent injury, decrease stress and have more fun at work.  Contact your local Maximized Living doctor today – your employer just may thank you for it!

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