Come With Me If You Want to Live

How can you take charge of your own health for maximum benefit? Read on to learn the Maximized Living way to take charge of your body and reap the rewards in optimized health.

There is only one way to well-being: it’s not treatment; it’s care.

Taking care of yourself is the most important step. The next step is finding a doctor who will partner with you in this care by removing components of your lifestyle that are out of alignment with how the body works, then eliminating the toxins that interfere with the way your body is supposed to function. This approach is the natural outgrowth of Maximized Living and the Maximized Living health care delivery system that occurs through the 5 Essentials.

Take for example the enormous eruption in depression and now the backlash created by its treatment using antidepressant drugs. The truth is that depression, along with most conditions, are a complex problem brought on by issues with body function and lifestyle. The quick-fix chemical solution may seem like a good one to doctors and desperate patients that are in pain, but clearly it is not the best answer.

Depression and anxiety have been found to be associated with multiple causes, not just one. To get well, address the causes and not just the symptoms. While there are rare cases when there are actual organic issues with the brain, the large majority of brain function issues stem from our modern lifestyle and our emotions. These damaging effects and their resolutions are solved through the 5 Essentials:

Essential #1: Maximized Mind

It’s not just what we’re thinking, but also how you’re thinking that shakes up how we’re doing mentally. The max-mind details in this book are the start to changing how you think about yourself and about life. This book provides only a glimpse into the issue. Those in trouble may need more mind=renewal counseling.

Additionally, sleep, time management, and stress all play a role in the neurotransmitter burnout issues that result in susceptibility to depression. Identifying and resolving the effects of inadequate sleep, abundant stress, and negative attitude won’t happen through medication.

Essential #2: Maximum Nerve Supply

Correcting vertebral alignment and posture has a marked effect on the central nervous system and how well it functions and produces well-balanced body chemistry. Multiple studies reveal the positive impact of spinal care on the emotions.

Essential #3: Nutrition

A diet high in carbohydrates results in a constant level of insulin in the system, which lowers serotonin and ph levels and causes inflammation. According to studies conducted at both Harvard and Oxford, omega-3 and omega-6 ratios are the first factor to address regarding depression. In addition, nutrient deficiencies are commonly underlying issues with depression and they can be balanced by the right foods and supplementation.

Essential #4: Movement

A sedentary lifestyle has many damaging effects to function and mental health. That’s why exercise consistently matches or exceeds the benefits of antidepressants.

Essential #5: Minimize Toxins

Toxicity affects hormone balance and glandular function, and thus can contribute to depression.


We can walk through the major issues of high cholesterol with the same essential plan. Rather than utilizing dangerous, controversial statins, you can approach it the Maximized Living way.

Essential #1: stress levels create bad stress hormones which can increase body fat and cholesterol. That’s why getting the mind and stress under control is so helpful.

Essential #2:
 improve liver and bowel function through better nerve supply.

Essential #3:
 soluble fiber, less grains and sugars to produce fat, less bad fat, more good fat, and quality proteins have all been shown to improve cholesterol.

Essential #4:
 exercise to burn fat, improve body function, and increase fat-to-muscle ratios

Essential #5: avoid the toxins in modern nutrition that interfere with healthy function of the liver, the organ that both detoxifies the blood and balances cholesterol.

Other Modern Conditions:

We could go through pain syndromes, digestive disorders, immune malfunctions, cancer, heart disease as well as degenerative illness and address all of them through following the laws of life and removing interference to the body’s inherent ability to function and heal itself through 5-Essentials living. How can getting your body back to its health potential not be the best solution to fighting and eradicating illness? After all, it’s a way of living that is best prescribed long before the conditions arise in the first place and must be applied all the more once the symptoms do show up.