The Mindset Of Immunity

By Dr. Ben Lerner

Half of wellness is changing your attitude about health and illness. Read on to learn how changing your mindset can improve your health.

We don’t use the word “sick” in our ML homes or offices. It is a bad label. You’re not a victim. If you’re not feeling well, don’t call yourself the victim of disease. Take responsibility for whatever caused you to get into that state, make the necessary changes, and allow your body to heal itself.

We had a patient who came to us absolutely certain she was stuck with all of her health problems. She felt powerless against her host of diagnoses. There was lupus, migraines, fibromyalgia, and related hormonal issues. Yet there was a clear connection between her lack of commitment to being well and the symptoms she was experiencing.

I encouraged her that she could heal. But, she really believed in her medical diagnosis. She really believed she was “sick.” Finally I said, “If I put my head on your body and as a result started treating your body like it should be treated, what would happen?” She got it. She immediately said, “I would get well.” She took responsibility, dropped the victim mentality, and no longer considered herself damaged goods. The discipline she needed quickly followed.

As you look at our weekly lifestyle recommendations, consider the need to renew your mind daily.  You’re valuable. Why would you treat yourself any differently than you would a valuable race horse, sports car, or professional athlete?  How would you feed something that complex with that much worth?  Would you maintain them?  Manage them well?  Do all you can to make sure they perform at their peak?  Of course you would!  You wouldn’t want to ruin something so valuable in this market!

By giving you 5 critical “Essentials” for living, we’re showing you a path that makes your body a winner.  We don’t say “sick” – we say, “expressing symptoms.”  This makes you ask the question, “What can I do to get better?” or “How can I boost my immunity to guard myself from illness in the future?”  A much more powerful position to take than, “My darn four year old keeps bringing bacteria back from pre-school,” or “We’re playing pass the virus at our house.”

Our families of committed patients rarely struggle with illness.  If they do, they get back to the 5 Essentials:

 #1 – Get your mind right about restoring health instead of ‘treating” symptoms with     even more hazardous drugs
 #2 – Get adjusted – extra if necessary
#3 – Get back to quality foods that heal instead of man made foods that cause congestion
#4 – Get moving
#5 – Consider what toxins – sugars, caffeine, alcohol, cleaners, medications, etc., may have helped to lower immunity and create too heavy a toxic burden

Your body is the actual most valuable item you have in challenging, chaotic times like these.  Invest in it, honor it, value it, and it will give you the return you’re looking for.  Fight for your health so you don’t end up fighting for your life!