Counter Your Way Out of Danger

by Dr. Ben Lerner

When you get into a tough situation, you need a ‘counter’ position to help get you out of it. Below we discuss some of your options.

After watching our videos, reading our blogs, or going to one of our doctors you may view your situation to be different or too tough to get out of.  You might say, “Great Dr. Ben, this might work for some people, but you don’t understand my situation. Mine is hopeless!”

Put your hand on your chest.  Feel your heart beating.  Your faith might be shaky right now, but that beating heart is a sign that you still have something special you can do. I personally also feel it means that God still has you here for a reason.

As someone who wrestled competitively for nineteen years, I understand completely what it’s like to be caught in a dangerous, painful condition from which it appears impossible to wriggle free. If you’re tired enough, hurting enough, behind by enough points, and have been working hard to no avail for a long enough time, the thought of success can all but completely diminish. Winning can even cease to be a dream. In an exhausted, unmotivated, painful state, all that may seem reasonable at that point are antidepressants, alcohol, or a whole lot of sugar—but there is a much better, less harmful way.

In wrestling there are certain positions or “holds” that you never want to find yourself in. Getting caught in a “cradle,” a “guillotine,” a “double chicken wing,” or thrown on your back in a “headlock” are all potentially dangerous, match-ending states of affairs. In fact, if your opponent is really good, it can seem like there’s no way out and a feeling of discouragement, despair, and that “all is lost” can come over you pretty quickly. On the contrary, the truth is there’s always a way out. That’s why many people have gotten out of these holds, fought off their back and come back to win the match. These winners knew something very important: they knew how to counter.

As boxed in as you may feel now, as much as you may feel it’s over, and that you’re at the end of your rope, don’t quit! Instead, counter. The counter is how you escape and come back from a compromising position not only in a wrestling match, but in life’s wrestling matches.

Three Steps to Counter:

1. Change Your Position

You have to be capable of seeing outside of your box of frustration and become aware of your blind spots. Death is in the blind spots. You can fit an invisible 18-wheel truck in one. In the world of success, the illiterate are not people who can’t read or write, they are those who cannot think, unlearn, and relearn. The things you think are true often aren’t true at all.

The Number One way to failure and to completely stop any forward progress is the illusion and delusion that you already know. For example, families in the United States have the worst health of any other families in the world. What I’ve found is that Maximized Living families have the best health of anyone in the world. Yet people keep being scared or hypnotized into following the medical model of the United States. Think, unlearn, relearn, and ask yourself: “If both children and adults continue to suffer with so much disease and we constantly keep facing new ones, then is what you believe and have been told to believe about lifestyle and healthcare up to this point true?” The answer is, “Obviously not!”

2. Pray for Strength

A famous quote from the depression said, “Whenever I prayed to God to get me a chicken, I never got a chicken. But, when I prayed for God to give me the strength to catch a chicken, I always got me a chicken.”
To hit a counter, you have to get mad instead of sad. Turn failure and frustration into tackling fuel. Many who have done this and were previously saying, “It’s over” have found out that they had more strength then they believed they had. Never forget: your mind always quits before the body, and God’s power is in endless supply.

3. Purpose You Would Die For

When you first start wrestling, you stink at it and need to know a lot of counters. When I asked my coach how to get out of some of the more difficult positions, he said, “If you want to get out, it’s got to be like you’re a drowning man trying to come up for air.” You’ve got to want it that bad!
How bad do you want to win for God, your family, and to preserve your own life?

Our Maximized Living doctors are here to help coach you to victory, but you’ve got to want it bad enough. I think this is what Martin Luther King meant when he said, “… you develop the inner conviction that some things are so precious, that there are some things so dear, some things so eternally worthwhile, that they are worth dying for. If an individual has not discovered something that he will die for, he isn’t fit to live.” [1.]
And that’s why I believe Albert Einstein said, “A person starts to live when he can live outside himself.” [2.]