The Wrong Way to Deal With Cholesterol

By Dr. Joshua Nevels, Megan Rall, and Dr. Ben Lerner

Statins aren’t the answer to managing cholesterol. Read on to learn how Maximized Living can help you address your high cholesterol issues.

In baseball the fourth player to bat is called the “clean up” hitter.  If the first three batters make base hits, the fourth batter can “clean up” and score up to four runs with just one powerful hit. Typically the most powerful batter on the team is given this role. This strategy might work in the game of baseball, but in the game of life, you want your best hitter to bat first!

If you or someone you know is still using a statin drug (Lipitor, Zocor, etc) to treat high cholesterol, you may find it interesting to know that natural ingredients found in fruits and vegetables are typically more effective.[1. Gebbers J. Atherosclerosis, cholesterol, nutrition, and statins—a critical review. German Medical Science. Vol 5. 2007.]  Not only are cholesterol lowering medications ineffective compared to diet, they may also lead to greater harm, including cancer and heart attack.[2. Newman T, et al. Carcinogenicity of lipid-lowering drugs. Journal of the American Medical Association. Jan 3, 1996. Vol 275, no. 1.] [3. Kucharska J, et al. Simvastatin decreased coenzyme Q in the left ventricle and skeletal muscle. Physiological research. 2007.]

If you’re ready to be the 1 person out of 6 who doesn’t die of heart disease or cancer, you’re going to have to do something radically different than your peers.  Most of your friends, colleagues, and loved ones will wait until they’ve already been diagnosed with high cholesterol to do something about it.  The reality is, diet alone isn’t enough.  In fact, it’s well-known that high cholesterol is not simply a result of cholesterol consumption from the diet, but from liver production of cholesterol triggered by inflammation in the body.[4. Gebbers J. Atherosclerosis, cholesterol, nutrition, and statins—a critical review. German Medical Science. Vol 5. 2007.]

Our Core and Advanced diet focus your calorie intake where it should be.  We offer a list of foods that reduce inflammation and give you the correct type and amount of fiber.  That’s right!  It’s not fiber alone, but managing inflammation that’s important.

You can load up on fiber, you can exercise and lose weight, but still be eating foods that generate inflammation and thus stimulating the liver to produce an overabundance of cholesterol.

Additionally, your spine and nervous system need to be healthy in order to maintain a properly functioning liver and digestive system. Talk about a way better approach to supporting good cholesterol than drugs who’s effectiveness is highly in question and that can be very dangerous.


Your body needs cholesterol!  Cholesterol is an important material for neurological health and healing in the body.  So don’t be talked into an alarm mode if you don’t have low cholesterol, you may have high end numbers for a very good reason.  That’s why studies show that other at a certain point in your life, lower cholesterol means lower life expectancy.

Your Maximized Living doctor along with Maximized Living Nutrition Plans book can walk you through this maze of proper cholesterol levels and keep you safe and well naturally.

Life is a batting practice. Your performance is determined on how you practice before the big game.

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