Understanding Weight Loss Resistance

Do you struggle to lose weight? In this article we’ll talk about the importance of a hormone called leptin in helping you maintain a healthy weight, and what you can do if you’re struggling with weight loss.

Can you relate to this? You go to the gym and sweat on the stair stepper for an hour several days a week and don’t seem to be looking a whole lot leaner or thinner. Or, you go out to lunch with your co-workers and eat a “smart lunch” while they all eat hamburgers. Meanwhile, they look great (don’t you hate those people) and your lettuce seems to be going right to your stomach and thighs.

You try to watch your diet, you buy diet books, you’ve bought the exercise equipment, and try all kinds of programs, but you still can’t lose any real weight or get your body firm in the right places. If that’s you or a version of you, we have good news. You don’t have to struggle anymore. We know your problem. You are weight-loss resistant (WLR). One of the key problems causing WLR is a hormone called Leptin. Your brain is no longer hearing it, and we’ve helped thousands of people overcome it. Look at what happens when you get this important hormone under control.

Tuning out Leptin

One key reason that so many people (and probably you) are weight loss resistant is an imbalance in a hormone called leptin. Leptin was discovered recently and is the hormone that tells your brain to burn fat. If you have normal levels of leptin, your brain gets the signal, you burn fat and have no problem keeping your ideal weight. When weight loss resistance happens, you have too much leptin in your body.

Think of leptin as your mother-in-law. Now, if she is constantly yelling at you, what are you going to do? Put your fingers in your ears and tune her out. The same thing happens when your leptin is constantly in the system. It’s screaming “BURN FAT! BURN FAT! BURN FAT!” to your brain all day long and eventually your brain just tunes it out. The “burn fat” signal is no longer heard.

The answer isn’t more leptin. The body is producing it, the brain just isn’t listening so the leptin stops working. In fact, the result of this is that you actually end with a whole lot of leptin in your system, but the body is now desensitized to it and it no longer works to burn fat. This is exactly what you are dealing with now. Because of past habits that allowed for too much fat in the system, you went to the leptin well too often. Now, no matter how many calories you count or how much you exercise, you will not burn fat. Your past habits have caused you to hit a wall and your current habits are ineffective because of your hormones.

To fix your hormone problem, you’ve got to correct your issue with ineffective, elevated leptin levels.


  1. Eating Too Many Grains and Sugars (this is 90% of Americans): This gives you two hormone problems – insulin and leptin. With too many grains and sugars – the hormone insulin stops working and so you keep storing sugar as fat. Too much fat and you get the ineffective, elevated leptin issue. This goes on until the whole fat burning process stops working!
  2. Cellular Toxicity: Because of issues related to hormones, many people have become the opposite of what they want to be – “A fat building, muscle burning machine. There are simple steps you can take to correct this with the goal of getting back o what you were supposed to be – “A fat burning, muscle building machine.”

Dr. Ron Rosedale, M.D., nutrition and metabolic expert and author of the Rosedale Diets says: “Health and life span is determined by the proportion of fat versus sugar people burn throughout their lifetime. The more fat you burn as fuel, the healthier you will be. The more sugar you burn as fuel, the more disease-ridden you will be and the shorter your life will likely be.”

If you are reading this, chances are that you are a sugar burner and you can change that. In addition to the two steps above, work with your ML doctor to get all that you need to be lean, healthy, and overcome weight loss resistance. You can have the body you want!

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