5 Questions You Must Ask Before Determining What Supplements to Take

– By Dr. Ben Lerner

Without a doctor’s careful assessment of your body’s needs, if you take supplements you might be throwing away money or doing harm to your body. Below we’ll look at some of the possible outcomes if you take supplements without a doctor’s supervision.
There are 5 key factors to consider when it comes to supplementation:
  1. Am I taking a sufficient amount of nutrients? What vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids supplementation do you need in order to be well and not develop illness?
  2. Is there something in particular that my body is deficient in that I need to take more of in order to get or stay healthy?
  3. Is my body even capable of normal absorption of the nutrients I’m taking?
  4. Are the supplements I’m using capable of being absorbed?
  5. Am I possibly causing harm to myself due to the amounts, types, or brand of supplements I’m using?
There are two ways to figure these things out.
  1. THE USUAL (Worst) WAY: 
  1. Guessing Type 1 – You take a multi-vitamin and whatever other nutrients you heard were good for you.
  2. Guessing Type 2 – You take “This” for “That.” If you’re having an issue or concern you take supplements that are supposed to be good for “That.”
  3. For both types of guessing, the tendency is also to get cheap, discount store supplements, multi-level marketing supplements, infomercial supplements, etc. that can’t be absorbed and that could cause toxic harm.
  1. You fill out an insightful health assessment created by a licensed, degreed, trained health professional (unfortunately this is not usually the guy or lady at the health food store checkout) who can make a more trained, professional decision as to what you need.
  2. With the better way, you actually get professional brand supplements from the doctor who is accountable to seeing change in either lab results and/or your over-all health picture.
There are several quality products out there along with doctors trained to provide them. At Maximized Living, our providers go through a certification process and are equipped with supplements that are created safely by certified labs. In these labs, the government inspects the quality and reliability of the ingredients of each and every product being generated.
WITHOUT THIS LEVEL OF HELP AND PRODUCT, JUST THROW YOUR SUPPLEMENTS IN THE TOILET AND CUT OUT THE MIDDLE MAN! A trained doctor who knows you’re health profile along with properly made, targeted nutrients will assure you don’t waste time, money, or well-being on the classic vitamin grab most people are participating in right now.
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