The Rising: Part 2

“Can’t see nothing in front of me – can’t see nothing coming up behind me”   – Bruce Springsteen, “The Rising”

Today’s toxic exposure is the same as the .com craze in the stock market.  It is a completely unfamiliar territory that’s extremely volatile.  We have no idea the impact it can have on us.  ONE THING’S FOR SURE, THE TOXINS ARE MAKING US FAT.  TOXIC FOOD AND DRINKS ARE PART OF THE “RISING” OF OUR WEIGHT.

It is a fast paced world out there – but if that means fast convenient foods, you won’t be moving fast for long…. or moving at all.  Just like the canary in the coal mine warns miners of impending crisis, if you consider our current state of health – the canary is dead!

It is not just what we eat; it is what we drink as well.  The sugary colas, coffee drinks, and artificially flavored “natural” juices are the liquids our organs are swimming in.  If a fish cannot survive in a bowl filled with those types of beverages, your cells inside you will not do much better.

We worry about a whole lot of things, the flu, swine flu, SARS virus, and bad genetics that we can do nothing about.   Yet, the negative effects of the toxins we choose to put in our body every day are far more likely to make us sick – or worse.  Research on clean, fresh foods show they’re not only better for you – they even help fight disease.3,4
In other words, bad lifestyle and/or being overweight will hurt you much faster than an un-seeable flu bug, bad genetics, or bad weather.

Like The Boss (Bruce Springsteen) says in The Rising – don’t look in front or behind, just get focused now.   Let’s talk Essential #5, Minimized Toxins.

An often overlooked fact with toxic materials is that they have a high affinity for fatty tissue.  Toxins bind to fats.  If toxins have built up in your system, over time they bind to fats and make those fats very difficult if not impossible to be rid of.  This is why our patients will cut out toxins and/or take our Body Detox supplement and quickly drop weight – often without really addressing other important areas of nutrition.

Just think, your body is essentially a divine mix of chemical reactions. When you begin to dump foreign chemicals into your body, the results could be explosive or even DEADLY.

Here are 3 Simple Steps to Reduce Your Risk of Obesity:

  1. EAT AS MUCH ORGANIC AS YOU CAN AFFORD:  Since toxins bind to fats, the best place to start organically is with your meats, eggs, oils, nuts and seeds, and dairy products.  Then obviously, fruits and vegetables next.  Determine how much you can afford each month –BUT – always remember that health is an investment not a cost.  What fresh, non-toxic food costs you in an extra 10 dollars today saves you 1,000’s in medical expenses and suffering tomorrow.  Make organic part of your budget.
  2. Stay away from sugary drinks.  Drink only clean water.
  3. Is there an alternative to the medications you are on?  Work with your MD and ML doctor to find out.



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2 Leifert, Carlo. QualityLowInputFood: Improving Quality and Safety and reduction of cost in the European organic and “low input” food supply chains (FP6-FOOD-CT-2003- 506358); Newcastle University; 2007